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General RPG Rules

1. Do NOT act like you're invincible, it makes it unfair to the other members.
2. Do NOT control other warriors unless they give me an e-mail allowing you to.
3. You MUST be online at least 2-7 days a week.
4. No SPAM!!!
5. You can only battle 3 times per day. Not counting training practices.
6. You may shop till you drop (out of money of course)!!!
7. You may ONLY have 1 Job.
8. Check the Boards for updates.

Rules Of The Battlefields

1. Do NOT attack the carriers.
2. You MUST have a Judge to judge your battles. But you have to have the Judge with the matching Battlefield.
3. You MUST fight fair.
4. You MUST have a Zoid.
5. Do NOT control other peoples' Zoids.
5. The Backdraft Team might interrupt your battles, if they do, you MUST fight them. And if you lose, you have to give them your Zoid.
6. After each battle, you MUST go to the Repair Shop or you will not participate in the next battle.
7. After each batle, you must post in the Repair Shop or you may NOT participate in the next battle.
8. The Battlefield 0999, which is judges by the Dark Judge, does not include any of the rules besides Rule 5 and 7.

If Not Followed...

First Strike: You will go down a rank, lose 1/4 of your money, and you will lose 1 of your Zoids.
Second Strike: You will be suspended for so many days depending on what rule you broke (example: If you break Rule 3, you will be suspended for 3 days).
Third Strike: You will be kicked out!!!