Spices & The Spice Routes

The Spice Islands


During and after the medieval times European merchants, politicians, geographers and seafarers, pushed back the limits of the unknown world to reach the Spices Islands.

Today these islands are forgotten and visited only by the adventurous traveler with some time in his hands.

In 1603, when the first English colony anywhere was founded on the Bandanese island of Run, ten pounds of nutmeg could be bought from its natives for a halfpenny a pound and resold in europe for a profit, at least by one estimate, of a staggering 32,000 percent.

   Similarly, Ternate and Tidore and three smaller islands adjacent to the island of Halmahera in the Northern Moluccas, the exclusive home of the cloves trees, were equally prized destinations.

The first European gaze to the Far East settled on the fabled Spice islands of the Moluccas.

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