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10/4/98 Connolly, Johnny: Drioball na Fainleoige (The Swallow’s Tail) (George Fowler)
Doherty, John: The Floating Bow (Musical Traditions)
Flanagan Brothers: Tunes We Like to Play on St.Paddy's Day (Musical Traditions)
Hunter, Willie & Violet Tulloch: Leaving Lerwick Harbour (Musical Traditions)
Lunny, Donal: Coolfin (Philippe Varlet)
O'Sullivan, Herrington and de Grae: The Smoky Chimney (Mike Dugger)
8/8/98 Armstrong, Chris: notes in ma heid *
Breatnach, Maire: Celtic Lovers *
Cherish the Ladies: Live! *
Clancy, Aoife: Soldiers and Dreams *
Holland, Jerry and J.C.B. (Jura Ceilidh Band): Trip to Cape Breton (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/98)
Kincaid, David: The Irish Volunteer: Songs of the Irish Union Soldier 1861-1865 *
Nomos: Set You Free (Boston Irish Reporter)
Patrick Street: Made In Cork (Boston Irish Reporter)
Rideout, Bonnie: Gimme Elbow Room (includes Scottish Children Songs) (Scottish Radiance)
Seven Nations: Live! Road Kill, volume 1 (The Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/98)
Sláinte Mhath: Prophecies *
Stewart, Margaret: Fhuair Mi Pog (Scottish Radiance)
Yankee Celtic Consort: Wander the Wood (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/98)
Various: Gorcuon Canu Gwerin Newyoo--The Best of New Welsh Folk Music *
Various: Shetland Dialect *
      * - from the New and Hot column, Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 2/98
7/12/98 Cameron, John Allen: My Cape Breton Shore (The Scots Magazine)
Hunter, Willie: The Willie Hunter Sessions (The Scots Magazine)
Keane, James: With Friends Like These (David Marcus)
Kelly, James: Irish Traditional Music (George Fowler)
Lamond, Mary Jane: From the Land of the Trees (Bho Thir Nan Craobh) (The Scots Magazine)
MacLean, Dougie: Riof (The Scots Magazine)
MacMaster, Natalie: My Roots Are Showing (Judith Rosen)
Ossian: The Carrying Stream (The Scots Magazine)
Reeltime: Reeltime (The Classical Free-Reed, Inc.)
The Iron Horse: Demons & Lovers (The Scots Magazine)
The Music Makars: Scottish Dance Music (The Classical Free-Reed, Inc.)
Various artists: The Lomax Collection: Ireland (David Marcus)
7/5/98 Altan: The First Ten Years (FAME)
Brakin' Tradition: Presence in the Past (FAME)
Edgley, Frank: Bridges (David Marcus)
Hayes, Martin: Under the Moon (FAME)
Kinnaird, Alison: The Harp Key (FAME)
McKeown, Susan and Chanting House: Bones (FAME)
Nightingale: Sometime When the Moon is High (FAME)
Shannon, Sharon: Out the Gap (FAME)
Various artists: Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar volume 1 (Ramble to Cashel) and volume 2 (The Blarney Pilgrim) (David Marcus)
Wilkie, David: Celtic Cowboy (FAME)
6/24/98 Reynolds, Mulvihill, Keane, & Dolan: Atlantic Wave (David Marcus)
6/23/98 Kelly, Alan: Out of the Blue (Rootsworld)
Capercaillie: Sidewaulk (Rootsworld)
Uxia: Uxia (Rootsworld)
6/22/98 The Gary Blair Ceilidh Band: Missing Time (David Marcus)
Harte, Frank: 1798 the first year of liberty (David Marcus)

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