Thomas Ussery was born 25 Jan 1759 in King William Co., VA to Richard Ussery and Mary Goodwin. He died 1834 in Granville Co, NC. His wife was Sarah. This Thomas is frequently confused with Thomas Ussery and Sarah of Montgomery Co., NC.

In the Fall of 1778, Thomas served six weeks in the militia under Captain Stark. As seen in his Revolutionary War Pension Papers, he served in Williamsburg and Yorktown.

On October 16, 1804 Thomas deeded two tracts of land in Granville Co., NC to his son-in-law Lewis Lemay. In addition, he gave a Negro named Dice, six feather beds, furniture and one roan mare and her colt.

Children of Thomas Ussery and Sarah

1. Freeman Ussery d: in Wilcox Co., AL "records of Wilcox Co AL. mar. Ann Peace Sep 29, 1819 in Granville Co, NC. They moved to Alabama

2. Kitty? Ussery mar. Samuel Holmes on Dec 22, 1821 in Granville Co, NC. They moved to Alabama

3. Lucy Mary (Polly) Ussery b: Aug 22, 1784 in Lunenburg Co. VA . Oct 17, 1804 in Lunenburg Co, VA she married her first cousin Lewis Lemay b: Apr 12, 1784 in Virginia d: Apr 15, 1857 in Lawrence Co., AL.

4. Richard Ussery b: Jan 29, 1786 in Granville Co., NC

5. Thomas Allen Ussery b: Abt 1792 d: Nov 1865 in London, Laurel County, KY mar. Nancy Hobbs d: Oct 28, 1890 in Cattlettsburg, KY m: Abt 1813 in Clayburn Co., KY

6. Robert/Richard Blackwell Ussery b: Jul 25, 1789 in NC d: 1857

7. Samuel Williams Ussery b: Jan 5, 1790 in Lunenburg Co., VA d: Jan 18, 1815 in Granville Co, NC

8. William Thomas (Billy) Ussery

9. Nancy Ann Ussery b: Mar 25, 1794 in Granville Co. NC mar. John Fuller m: Jul 10, 1833 in Granville Co, NC Bond 4287

10. John Ussery b: Jan 17, 1796 in NC d: Abt 1827 mar. Cathleen b: Abt 1794 in NC m: Dec 24, 1812.

11. Joel Ussery/Usry b: 1802 in NC d: Aug 3, 1857 mar. Susanna (Sookie) Williams Lemay b: May 14, 1797 in VA d: Aft 1880 in Granville Co, NC m: Jan 29, 1828 in Granville Co, NC

12. Sallie? Ussery b: Abt 1803 in NC mar. Henry Harris m: Nov 1, 1822 in Granville Co, NC Bond 6349 pg 143. 2nd Husband of Sallie? Ussery: Isham Fuller m: 1834 in Granville Co, NC

William Thomas (Billy) Usry and Jane Fowler

William Thomas (Billy) Ussery/Usry was born Mar 5, 1792 Thomas Ussery. He died about 1880. He married Jane Fowler on Apr 30, 1834 in Granville Co., NC. At some point William changed the spelling of his surname to Usry. His brother ,Thomas Allen, has been recorded with the surname spelled USARY.

They had the following children:

  1. Baily Usry
  2. Patsy Usry mar. Mr. McGee
  3. Daniel Washington Usry
  4. William Thomas Usry b: Apr 15, 1832 d: Apr 24, 1906 in Weakley Co., TN Mt. Mariah Cemetery mar. Ann Hawkins Qualls b: Oct 28, 1840 d: Apr 15, 1913 in Weakley Co., TN Mt. Mariah Cemetery
  5. Joseph Freeman Usry b: Sep 22, 1838 in Granville Co, NC d: Dec 3, 1918 in Granville Co., Corinth Baptist Ch. Cemet, 7 miles south of Oxford mar. Ellen Montague b: Mar 24, 1840 d: Jan 29, 1903 in Granville Co., NC Cornith Baptist Ch Cemet, 7 miles south of Oxford
  6. Frances "Fanny" Usry b: Abt. 1842 in Granville Co., NC mar. Flim West?
  7. Emily Hawkins Usry b: Sep 1844 in Granville Co, NC d: 1927 mar. Adolphus Wate Montague b: Aug 22, 1842 d: Feb 1913
  8. Richard (Dick) Usry Married Martha A. Burnett

    Richard Usry and Martha A. Burnett

    Richard (Dick) Usry was born Mar 20, 1850 in Granville Co, NC to William Thomas Usry and Jane Fowler Usry. He died Nov 25, 1923 in Rutherfordton, NC. He married Martha A. Burnett on Nov 12, 1856 in Granville Co., NC. She was born Feb 10, 1848 and died Jan 2, 1921 in Granville Co, NC. The are both buried in the Elmwood Cemetery in Oxford, NC. ( For more info see the Court Records of Granville Co., NC. Also, See Obituary)

    They had the following known children:

    1. Julia Usry
    2. Euda Usry b: 1870
    3. Lelia Usry b: 1871
    4. Addison Usry b: 1875 in NC d: 1903
    5. Emily Usry b: 1876
    6. Mattie Usry b: 1878
    7. Daughter Usry

    Daniel Washington Usry and Mary Hunt

    Washington Usry was the son of William Thomas (Billy) Usry. He married Mary Hunt on Sep 3, 1868 in Granville Co., N.C. The 1880 Granville Co., NC, Fishing Creek Twp reveals that Mary's parents, James and Lucinda Hunt were living with this family.

    Washington and Mary had the following known children:

    1. Allice Usry b 1877 NC
    2. Dora Usry b. 1873 NC
    3. Ida Lee Usry b. 1870
    4. Jane Usry
    5. Elijah Meadows Usry b: Aug 22, 1872 d: Jun 2, 1957 mar. Mary Bullock b: Sep 1, 1881 d: Mar 17, 1945

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