Loblolly Duffle(Fox Run Dagger X Crossewinds Gemma)


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Updated January 31, 2008

Welcome!  We would like to invite you to visit with us as we show
you some of our family....the four legged variety that is!
 Red Collar is a small JRT only kennel located in the Piedmont of
North Carolina.  We love to talk about Jack Russells, heck the little
guys have pretty much taken over our lives.  We like to
travel to trials to meet other Jack Russell enthusiasts as well.  As
JR breeders, we are concerned with preserving this wonderful little terrier
as it is today.  Following the policies of the JRTCA(The Jack
Russell Terrier Club of America) , we feel we are doing that.  All of
our puppies are guaranteed to be genetically healthy, with all breeding
stock tested for hearing(BAER) and eye(CERF) problems.  We show
them, we hunt with them, we breed them, we love them! 

 Thanks for visiting, and come back soon!
Randy& Donna Hastings


 Click on the puppy with the pen or
e-mail us at DDHastin@bellsouth.net

Last updated January 30, 2008

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