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Vol. 8, No. 7 ............................................................................................................. July, 2004

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Welcome to the Brown Family Club's online Brown Family News. If you are a Brown or a descendant of a Brown, this is YOUR family newsletter. We hope to bring you a comprehensive newsletter that will be informative as well as entertaining. The family newsletters will be updated often if YOU help with news about the family. The newsletters will include obituaries, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, births, articles on family history, school news (honor rolls, awards, high school and college graduates, etc.), articles featuring different Brown cousins ("Know Your Cousins") as well as general news about the various Brown families.

WE NEED YOUR HELP: when you hear about a death, marriage, anniversary, birth, school news, or other happenings in the family, please let us know the details so we can include it in the newsletters. If you see an obituary, wedding notice or other article on a Brown relative in your local newspaper, please clip it out, along with the name and date of the paper from the top of the page and mail it to us.

We will also include information on Brown family reunions in the family newsletters. Send us details about your reunion.

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Susan In Miss Georgia Pageant

COLUMBUS, Ga.-- Susan Elizabeth Brown was one of the participants in the "Miss Georgia" beauty pageant in Columbus during June. Susan, 19, represented her hometown of Thomaston and Upson County, where she had earlier won the "Miss Greater Thomaston" beauty pageant. She is a student at the University of Georgia where she is majoring in exercise and sports science. Sorry, we don't know who her folks are.

Kevin Brown Helps Win World
Pennant For Florida Marlins

MIAMI, Fla.--One of the guys who helped make the Florida Marlins baseball team the 1997 World Series champions was Kevin Brown, the Marlin's top pitcher. "Brownie" as he is called, helped the team defeat the Atlanta Braves in the playoffs.
Brownie finished the regular season with a 16-8 record.

The 6 foot 4 right hander is a resident of Macon, Ga. who attended Georgia Tech in Atlanta, where he was a standout on Tech's baseball team. Despite an ailment during the playoffs, Brownie managed to help tip the balance for the Marlins. What a pity the Marlins busted up such a great winning team. Kevin was released, along with some of their other best players and traded to other teams. Now, they have gone from the world champs to one of the worst in the nation.

Does anyone know the family background of Kevin?

Bradford Brown Wins Election As Mayor
of Brunswick, Ga.

BRUNSWICK, Ga.-- Bradford Brown won election as Mayor of Brunswick by a 2-1 margin in a runoff election here 18 Nov.

Brad is a newcomer to politics. He is a banker in Brunswick and has been active on city boards and in community service organizations. He helped coordinate the city's five-year comprehensive plan, upon which federal community funding is based. He also served on a committee which is guiding restoration of the city's historic city hall building in this Georgia port city.

At age 31, he is one of the youngest persons ever elected mayor of Brunswick. He defeated adult bookstore owner Ken Plyman, 1,466 votes to 761 for Plyman. Brad is a native of Brunswick. He led the field of five candidates in the general election. He campaigned door to door urging voters to go to the polls.


If your child is graduating from high school or college; has won a school award; has been named to the Honors roll; has been elected to a school office; is on a school sports team; has been named a cheerleader; or other school news, please let us know so we can write about it in the family newsletters.


If your branch of the family is planning a reunion--let us know the details so we can write a story about it. Please send complete details, with the dates, time, place (and directions for how to get there if in a rural area, etc.), person to contact with telephone number, mailing address and, if available, email address so kinfolk can contact you for additional information about the reunion. If this is an annual affair, tell us some history--when and where did it begin and how (in honor of some ancestor's birthday, etc.); if you have a reunion committee, list the names and hometowns of the officers.

AFTER the reunion, write and tell us all about it so we can write a story about it in the family newsletter. Include how many attended, who traveled the greatest distance, the oldest and youngest attendees; your activities; if you have a reunion committee, give the names and hometowns of the members; and other details.

Brown Reunion at Syre, Oklahoma

A Brown family reunion will be held 26 June at Syre, Ok. for descendants of Garrison Brown and Mary Cavens. Garrison was born 1840 in Franklin Co., Illinos. His brothers and sisters were Sara, Minerva, Norcentia, Alard, Arlina and Lucy.

The reunion will be held in the Syre Activity Center.

Contact Cyndi Brown Gilland, 705 West Apache, Purcell, Ok. at (405) 527-4771 or email
Cyndi Brown Gilland

Garrison Brown - Sarah Cavans
Descendants Reunion

R. E. Woodham is our Editor.
He is a descendant of a Brown family from Sampson County, NC
Your news items are welcomed for the family newsletters.

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