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b 1894, Tunica Co., Ms.; d 1963 Memphis, Tn.

Looking for info on parents and ancestors of ROBERT BUCHANAN SANDERS (b 12 Apr 1894, probably in Tunica Co., Ms.; d 15 Dec 1963, Memphis, Shelby Co., Tn.). His mother was AMANDA ("Mandy") MILLER and I have information that his father was JOHN SANDERS. In 1900, he and his mother lived with her sister Emeline ("Emma"; "Emily") Miller at Robinsonville, Tunica Co. Robert married VERNICE PEGRAM (13 Feb 1905, Ms.; d 7 Mar 1950, Memphis). They later moved to Memphis where he owned a home on Patton Street. He worked there as a cotton mill laborer in 1930. Their son was HOWARD B. SANDERS (b 4 Jun 1926, Memphis; d 21 Apr 1986, Lexington, Fayette Co., Ky. I have hit a brick wall on going further back on John and Amanda.
Any help will be appreciated.
James H. Sanders
311 Cherry St.
Cochran, Ga. 31014

b abt 1838 in Macon Co., NC?

Searching for ancestors of EMELINE SANDERS, b abt 1838 in Macon Co., NC ?. She mar HARDEN PASSMORE 25 Feb 1851 in Macon Co. Their ch were: ALFRED MARION (b 1852 Macon Co., NC), WILLIAM T. (1853, Polk Co., Tn.), JAMES (1856 Cherokee Co., NC), MARGARET (1858 Cherokee, NC; never mar; in 1910, she lived in the home of IRA SANDERS, listed as a domestic servant), ELIJAH (1860, Cherokee Co., NC; mar ADA LEDFORD 1883, Clay Co., NC) and GEORGE W. PASSMORE (1864; mar JOSEPHINE ANDERSON 1880, Clay Co.). Emeline and Harden lived in Cherokee Co., NC in 1860; haven't been able to find them after that. Harden served as a private in Company E, Walker's Legion, Confederate States Army, during the War for Southern Independence (1861-1865). In 1870, their son Elijah lived in the home of MARY SANDERS, at Murphy, Cherokee Co.; she was aged 54 and a widow. Could Mary have been the mother or sister of Emiline? Sure would like to learn who her parents were and what happened to her and Harden.

I am descended from Alfred Marion Passmore and his wife ELIZABETH GILREATH (b 1851, Union, Ga.). They were mar 28 July 1872 in Clay, NC. They had 10 ch, including my dad FULTON PASSMORE.
Freida Chambers

b. 1776 in Va.

Looking for information on REUBEN SAUNDERS, born abt 17 Apr.,1776 in Goochland Co., Va. His wife was ELIZABETH (mnuk). Reubin's father may have been WILLIAM ("Will") SAUNDERS.
Reubin and Elizabeth's daughter, SARAH ("Sally") SAUNDERS (abt 1812-abt 1854), married CLAIBORN PARRISH (1796-1842) on 20 Oct., 1830 in Sumner Co., TN. (n.e. of and now part of suburban Nashville). Claiborn Parrish and Sarah later moved to Logan Co., KY.
Signe Parrish
35222 Beech Ave.
Yucaipa, CA 92399

b. 1750's

Looking for ancestors and descendants of EZEKIEL SANDERS, born in the 1750's. He lived in Chester Co., South Carolina, where he is listed on the 1790 through the 1810 US census. His wife (unknown) apparently died in the 1790's. He and wife had at least 5 sons and 6 daughters (according to census records), including NANCY SANDERS (born 1780's or 1790's in Chester Co., SC), who married THOMAS GORE and migrated to Pickens Co., Al. about 1820. Thanks, Bette Hill
Bette Hill
9706 Turnbuckle Drive,
Burke, VA 22015.

b. ca 1810

Searching for parents of JOHN B. SANDERS / SAUNDERS. He was born ca 1810 in South Carolina according to census records. He married ZILPHY DOWIS in Hall Co., Ga. 28 Aug., 1833. She was a daughter of WILLIAM and MARTHA DOWIS (Dowas). In 1830, ISAAC SANDERS was living in Hall Co. with a son the age John B. should be, according to the census. In 1840, John B. was in adjoining Forsyth Co., living next to ISAAC SANDERS and JAMES SANDERS and near WILLIAM M. SANDERS (W. M., b. 1812, had a son named John V. B.). John B. and Zilphy had 8 children before she died. After her death, John B. married MARY A. DANIEL (b. 1828 in Ga.) and they had 9 ch. About 1841, John B. moved to Shelby Co., Ala., where he appears on the 1850 and 1860 US Census. His ch: WILLIAM J. SANDERS, ISAAC MITCHELL SANDERS, MARTHA C. SANDERS and MARY J. SANDERS traveled with James Sanders and his daughter; GEORGE SANDERS (who was an "old" man with a large family), Greenbury ("Green Berry"; "Green") Dowis and his wife Mary Lee (or Marly) Sanders Dowis (sister of John B.) when the older kinfolk set off for Texas. I have information on the four Sanders children who moved to Texas and some of the Dowis cousins. However, I am unable to locate George Sanders who family legend says went to Kaufman County, Tx. And James Sanders who was supposed to have gone to Tioga in Grayson Co., Tx. I also have info on the Sanders family who remained in Alabama. If anyone has anything on this Sanders branch, I will be glad to share what I have with you.
Lee Sanders Bartos
1911 Inglewood St.
Henderson, Tx. 75654-2507
(903) 657-6544

b. ca 1830

Looking for info on Dr. ANDREW J. SANDERS, especially his parents. Andrew J. was born ca 1830-1832. He died in 1895 in Columbia Co., Ga. He married ca 1856/57 to GEORGIA REBECCA DRANE. Georgia was born 2 Aug., 1831; died 1902, Columbia Co., Ga. She was a daughter of STEPHEN DRANE and REBECCA WILSON. According to the "Harlem Bicentennial Directory", Andrew graduated from the Georgia Medical College at Augusta in 1857, now part of the University System of Georgia. He became a physician. I visited Georgia in 1983 with my Aunt Sarah Jane, a granddaughter of Dr. Sanders and we presented his diploma to the Medical College. Andrew and Georgia R. were residents of Harlem, a city in Columbia Co. Andrew was influential in founding Harlem. He was appointed as one of the first town commissioners and elected "president" of the board of commissioners for the first 9 years after the town was incorporated. Andrew J. and Georgia R. had 4 ch. I am a descendant of his daughter, SARAH REBECCA b. 24 Mar., 1868/70 in Harlem, Ga.; died 7 July, 1948, Richmond Co., Ga. Sarah Rebecca married 1888/89 JAMES SAMUEL CROUCH. Their dau. GEORGIA FRANCES CROUCH (b. 9 Aug., 1888/89; died 19 June, 1959, Richmond Co., Ga.) mar (1) PERRY BARKSDALE. They had a dau., SARA JANE (deceased). Georgia Frances m. (2) JULIAN JUSTICE McCALL in 1920. Georgia and Julian had 3 sons: JOHN FRANCIS McCALL (my father), b. 1 Mar., 1921; GEORGE SAMUEL McCALL (deceased) and ROBERT LEO McCALL (deceased). I have a few pictures of the Sanders' graves in Columbia County. I would like to share information with anyone connected to this branch of our family. At present, we have no history on Andrew J.'s ancestry.
Janis L. (McCall) Dunham
5032 Burwood Ave.
Covina, CA 91722-1005


Searching for info on JAMES SANDERS and his wife SARAH from Mississippi. Have no knowledge of them except their names and that they lived in Ms. Their children included: HATTIE, died as a child; JESSE, mar. a WARDEN; ETHEL mar. ? DAVIS; EMMA, mar. ? MOORE; and ALBERT THEODORE SANDERS, born 14 Oct., 1881 in Miss. and died 21 Nov., 1957 in Yuma, Arizona. ALBERT T.'s wife is unknown at present. She died about 1916. Albert's ch. were WALKER L., TEDDY TALBERT and EDDIE ALBERT SANDERS. Teddy and Eddie were twins, born 21 June, 1913 in Munday, Knox Co., Texas. EDDIE ALBERT SANDERS mar. VERA DUNEGAN. Their ch. were EDWARD, born 1937, ROY, RAYMOND and LLOYD SANDERS. I am the daughter of Edward. I have lived in Alaska for the past 27 years so it is not easy to get information on family history. Any help with info on JAMES and SARAH.
Diana Sanders
PO BOX 211176
Anchorage, AK 99521

ca 1753 -- ca 1845

JOHN SANDERS was born ca 1753. He lived in old Dobbs County (now Greene and Lenoir Counties), NC when he enlisted in the North Carolina Militia during the Revolutionary War. He later moved to Surry Co., NC, where he mar. MARY ANN ("Molly") STOTTS (Statts), 17 Aug., 1780. They later moved to Claiborne Co., TN, where he applied for a veteran's pension in 1833 aged about 80. His widow applied for a pension in 1843 while living in Campbell Co., TN, aged 81. She died 18 Aug., 1845 or 27 Aug., 1847 (both dates given).
Another "JACKIE" SANDERS mar. OLIVIA CUNNINGHAM in Grainger Co., TN., parent county of Claiborne, on 7 Dec., 1800. Does anyone have a clue on these Johns and Jackies?
Frank Moffett

Kentucky, late 1800's

JACK SANDERS was living in the area of Union or Crittenden County, Kentucky in the late 1800's. He mar. SARAH LOVE, dau. of HEZEKIAH and LUCINDA LOVE. Jack and Sarah had sons THOMAS SANDERS, CHARLES SANDERS ("Charlie") and JAMES SANDERS (one of them was deaf and dumb); and daus KATHERINE and OADIE, who mar a JONES from Bells Mines, Crittenden Co., KY. THOMAS SANDERS was my grandfather. He mar MAUD WALLACE from Webster Co., KY. Jack died either before or shortly after the birth of Thomas in 1892. Sarah died in 1932. I am trying to find any information on Jack and will appreciate any help.
Sheila Hill

ca 1798 -- aft 1870

ELI SANDERS was born ca 1798 in Virginia. He is first found in Lincoln Co., TN. and on 25 July, 1827, he mar NANCY JANE CAMPBELL in Madison Co., Al. (adjoining Lincoln Co., TN). She was dau of WILLIAM B. CAMPBELL and named in his will in 1855. By the time probate papers were filed on this will, Eli and Nancy were living in Itawambia Co., in an area which soon became part of Lee Co., Ms. Eli and Nancy had the following known ch: THOMAS A. SANDERS b. 1832 (mar LUCINDA WOODARD in 1869); JANE SANDERS, b. 1833 (mar 1st HAMPTON and 2nd GEORGE THOMAS BARNETT in1860); WILLIAM A. SANDERS, b. 1837; JOHN SANDERS, b. 1839; MARY A. ("Molly") SANDERS, 1842 AL-1935 Lee Co., MS (mar 1st ROBERT NANCE HORTON and 2nd ELI HOPKINS); SARA MARGARET SANDERS, b. 1844 died Oran, TX (mar FRANK M. BAILEY); and SUSAN ANN SANDERS (mar 1st JOHN A WOOLRIDGE and 2nd a THOMPSON). She died in OK. In her very old age, great grandmother Mary A. (
Molly") above had my father and another of her grandchildren take her to Aberdeen, Ms. to testify before the Indian Commission which was in session there, for the purpose of obtaining free land in Oklahoma for persons of Indian descent. A transcript of her testimony stated she had no concrete proof of her Indian claim but that a sister had obtained land and had taken the required papers with her when she went to Oklahoma. Grandma Molly did say that Eli Sanders' mother was an Indian woman, who died when he was small and that their father knew little of his family. Due partly to her age at that time and the vagueness of her testimony, I do know know how much this weighs against the sincerity of her belief that it was true.
Virginia Horton Wood
1203 Springdale Dr.
Tupelo, MS 38801

Wife of James Jefferson Davis

I have very little information on my great grandmother, MARTHA E. SANDERS. She was living in Bosque Co., TX. in 1884. She mar. JAMES JEFFERSON DAVIS. Their child was BEULAH JANE DAVIS, b 17 June, 1884 in Bosque Co., TX., mar. WILLIAM HENRY LOTT 15 Aug., 1900 in Walnut Spring, Bosque Co. My grandparents Beulah Jane and William Henry Lott's son, JAKE DAILY LOTT was my father. He mar. LILA INEZ BOLLING. Any help on the ancestors of MARTHA E. SANDERS would be greatly appreciated.
Jo Ann Brown
129 Haywood
Benbrook, TX 76126


Seeking info on parents of JOHN SAUNDERS Sr., b. ca 1665 York County, Virginia. Married ca 1691 to SARAH, no surname known. Sarah was b. ca 1668 and died ca 1735, probably York Co., Va. John's father's name may have been RICHARD who probably came to this country from England. They were parents of ROBERT SAUNDERS, b. ca 1692 in York Co. Robert amassed a considerable amount of wealth and property and in 1766 left the entire amount of his estate and personal assets to JOHN SAUNDERS, one of his four sons. The ch. of Robert were: RICHARD WILLIAM SAUNDERS, who mar. ELIZABETH HUBBARD; JOHN SAUNDERS Sr. b. 1715, mar. SARAH; GEORGE SAUNDERS and CHARLES SAUNDERS. Robert's son John Sr. and Sarah had at least two sons: JOHN Jr. and THOMAS. I have more information on descendants of John Sr. and would really appreciate any available information on his ancestors or any good ideas on where to try. [EDITOR'S NOTE: this JOHN SAUNDERS Sr. is probably the same who married SARAH HARGREAVE in York County. She was the dau. of PETER HARGREAVE and named as an heir in her father's will in 1684. John Sr. and Sarah had at least 9 ch., including ROBERT.
Richard Grubbs
153 Love Lane
Bakersfield, CA 93308


Seeking information on THURRELL SANDERS and his wife MARTHA HICKS. No dates or place of birth known. Their ch. included EMMA, NAN, GEORGE, WILL, JOHN and CHARLES LEE (b. 21 Aug., 1864 in IL., d. 29 May, 1937 in Mo.). Charles L. was my great grandfather. He mar. LILLIE BELL SCHERER in 1889. Charles L. and Lillie had the following ch: HOMER (15 Dec., 1889-23 Aug., 1959), MARGARET (18 Aug., 1891-17 May, 1966), VESTA (5 Aug., 1893-23 Aug., 1959), WALTER SAMUEL (29 Mar., 1895-11 Feb., 1994), JESSE (2 Jan., 1897-10 Apr., 1979), RUTH ILLINOIS (14 Sep., 1899-8 Dec., 1991), LILLIE ETHEL (living) and HAZEL (22 Nov., 1905-32 Dec., 1992). Most of the family remained in Missouri but some moved to Kansas, Oklahoma and California. Thurrel's parentage seems to be a dead end. I have not been able to find them in Illinois. I have found a BURREL whose life closely resembles my ancestor's but I do not know if they are one and the same. Can anyone offer any help on this family?
Donna Britt
223 Skytop Dr., Apt 16
Kingston, NY 12401


Looking for information on ancestors and family of OLIVER SANDERS and his son, WILLIAM JOSEPH SANDERS. Oliver was born abt 1828 and died in 1864 in Sabine Parish, LA. He mar MARY ANN JANE VIDLER. Among their ch was WILLIAM JOSEPH SANDERS, b. 1 Jan., 1845 and d 16 Apr., 1922. He mar MARTHA JANE PUCKETT 4 Mar., 1876. Their daughter EFFIE MAE SANDERS was my grandmother. Effie was born 29 Mar., 1883 in Sabine Parish and died 4 mar., 1947. She mar OLLIE L. PYNES.
Sue Woodford
PO Box 3692
Salem, OR. 97306


Searching for information on ABSALOM ROGER SANDERS. He lived in Hayti, MO. And was mar to ROSA GROVES. They had 3 sons and 1 dau that I am aware of.
William R. Sanders
PO Box 1301
Jonesboro, AR 72403-1301


Looking for info on LUCY LEE SANDERS. She lived in Wilson, NC in 1923.
George K. Helbert
646 Mt. Zion Rd.
Whitesburg, Tn. 37891

Ca 1760's -- 1828

Searching for parents and info on JOHN SAUNDERS of Mecklenburg Co., VA. He mar MILLIE (?). They had 11 ch: MILDRED SAUNDERS mar BOLLING WRIGHT 30 July, 1785; ELIZABETH SAUNDERS mar WILLIAM VAUGHAM Mar., 1794; GEORGE SAUNDERS mar HALLEY EVERY 3 Dec.,1804; JOHN SAUNDERS (died in Monroe Co., W. Va.) mar SUSAN WILLIAM; MARY SAUNDERS born 1784, died in Cass Co., MO., mar WILLIAM CHAMBLEY 1819; THOMAS SAUNDERS b. ca 1785, mar MARY ("Polly") MORRIS 19 Dec., 1803; NANCY SAUNDERS mar DANIEL MORRIS 15 Dec., 1807; WILLIAM SAUNDERS mar POLLY EMERY; CATHERINE SAUNDERS mar HUNDLEY RYLAND 18 Mar., 1830; JESSE SAUNDERS; TURNER SAUNDERS mar LUCY VAUGHN 20 Dec., 1820. All the marriages occurred in Mecklenburg Co., VA. John died there in 1828.
Betty Crawford
1309 North 61 St.
Omaha, NB 68132


I am looking for information on my grandmother, MINNIE LEE SANDERS. She lived in Coffee Springs, Al. in a beautifulwhite house on a corner and was married to Luther Parks Gibson. Her father was Frank Sanders. She and Luther had six children. They moved to Tampa, Fl. in the late 1930's or 1940's. She died in Virginia and is buried there. Someone in the family said they could be linked to the Fords. I don't know if she had any siblings but could probably find out. She would have been born in the late 1880's to early 1890's. [EDITOR's NOTE: Minnie Lee was born in Nov., 1881 in Geneva County, Al. She was the daughter of ELIJAH H. SANDERS (not Frank) and JOSEPHINE ROGERS. She married Luther in Geneva County in 1911.]
Jan Spear
114 Knollway Ct.
Asheville, NC 28806

1852 -- 1916

Looking for parents and ancestors of NANCY CATHERINE SANDERS, (a Cherokee ?) b. 13 Dec., 1852, probably in Montgomery Co., Tn. and d. 26 June, 1916. She is buried at Antioch, Tn. She mar. before 1877 to ROBERT W. BELL. Their ch were GILBERT (b. 1877), ROBERT LEE, WILLIAM T., KATE (my grandmother, b. 1888), MOLLIE, NANNIE, LUDIE and MINNIE.
Craig Presson
1149 14th Ave. S., #1
Birmingham, Al. 35205

1813 - 1894

Looking for info on STEPHEN C. SANDERS. He was b 1813 in NC. He later moved to Madison Co., TN He mar (1) HUKSY HEISEY (Hexie) SIMMONS 8 Jan 1838 in Hardeman Co., TN. Their ch were LEVI THOMAS b 10 Mar, 1839; ISHAM H. b 11 Oct, 1841; ELIZABETH ANN b 5 Apr, 1844; and MICKEY JANE b 1847. He later mar ANNA MAY MOORE 25 Oct, 1853 in Hardeman Co. Their ch were WILLIAM HARRISON b Aug, 1855; ALEXANDER b July, 1856; MARY C. b 1861; JAMES R. b May, 1864; and MARTHA ELLEN b 13 Mar, 1894 and is buried in Prairie Grove, AR. I have descendants from Isham H. and William Harrison. I am looking for other family members and info on his parents and siblings.
William Chesley Sanders
104 New Jersey Road
Browns Mills, NJ 08015


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