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A family club for all descendants of the Sasser family

Founded 1979

Welcome to the homepage of the Sasser Family National Association, a national family club for all descendants of the Sasser family devoted to gathering and preserving our Sasser family history. If you are a Sasser or descendant of a Sasser, this is your family website. The Association was founded in 1979. Our main purpose is to help reunite our scattered relatives and to preserve our family's heritage. Our main goals are to sponsor a national family newsletter to inform living kinfolk about their relatives with current news as well as history; create a Sasser Family National Library. See the section on the LIBRARY in the HISTORY section.

Sasser Family History

The family website also includes a section on our family history. You are encouraged to send in information about yourself and your ancestors to preserve in the Family Library. We will be adding a great deal of basic information in the online History section in the hope it will help you learn more about your ancestors and living relatives. For more on family history, click on "HISTORY" in the INDEX below.

Sasser Memorials

You can now post a Memorial to a lost Sasser loved on in our "Memorials" section. You can include personal information (birth, death, marriage, children, etc.), poems, ancestors, hobbies, clubs, etc.; personal memories of the person, for a parent, grandparents, spouse, ancestor or other relative. Click on "MEMORIALS" in the INDEX below.

Sasser Family Queries

We do not have a queries section. The family historian will try to help with any records or information in the Family Library and if he cannot answer your questions, he will try to put you in contact with kinfolk who might.

* * Sasser Family National Library * *

The Sasser Family National Library is a collection of copies of records and information of every type on our family. Our family historian began collecting the library in the early 1960's while still a college student. Our National Library is now the largest known collection of information on our family.

We are gathering records and information of every type, including US Census records, family group sheets and computer files, deeds, marriage records, wills, estate records, old letters, photos, military records from Colonial times to the present. Newspaper articles, birth and death certificates, wedding and engagement announcements, family Bible records, published items from books and magazines, listings from city directories, obituaries, public documents (such as old voter's lists, tax lists, court records and anything else found in local courthouses), recorded memories of our relatives and more.

You are urged to help add copies of public documents and family records to the Family Library. We want information and records on EVERY Sasser and descendant of a Sasser who has ever lived, including living relatives as well as ancestors.

Upon the death of our family historian, the family's National Library will be donated to the Georgia State Archives in Atlanta. This agency was chosen because it is the largest state archives in the South and is centrally located for the majority of our family.

Our Purpose and Main Goals:

Join and support YOUR family club

Your membership is vital to keep the family club active

The activities of the Association are supported by your annual membership dues. Your dues help pay for such things as office supplies, copying and printing paper, postage, notebooks, more research (buying copies of records from courthouses and libraries), this family website and more. We have no paid staff: all the work is done by volunteers so be patient when you make requests. Send your membership dues to the mailing address below.

The Association is a family club--and as with any kind of club, it can succeed only if it has MEMBERS. If you are a Sasser or descendant of a Sasser, you are urged to join and support our goals and help keep the family club active. Without your support such programs as this website cannot continue.

Send your membership dues to the address below
Annual membership dues: $15

write us:

Sasser Family National Association
3120 6th Ave.
Columbus, Georgia 31904


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Our Editor and family historian is Robert Earl Woodham, a descendant of the Sasser family branch who came from Wayne County, NC to Screven County, Georgia and eventually settled in Seminole County, Ga.

18 June 1998