Update on Sierra Leone IWW

A little posted news about the IWW in Sierra Leone. Here is an update of the latest position:

Our General Secretary-Treasurer in the US received another phone call from Bright Chikezie, local delegate. He and some other Wobs were transported to Guinea by U.S. marines, they are strongly in opposition to the military dictatorship, which probably makes it very wise that they've gotten themselves out of harms way.

Bright had a meeting scheduled for Friday evening to talk to someone about organizing among metal workers in Guinea. So the military coup might have done the IWW a small favour by spreading union organisation in West Africa.

FW Chikezie has told the IWW that there are 3240 Sierra Leoneans "registered"as Wobblies, a requirement under local labour law. With the confusion in the country at the moment the IWW is trying to verify what this actually means in practice however potentially it could be the biggest thing to happen to the IWW in the last 45 years.

If it is possible to raise the money to send someone over there to see what's going on, assess their needs, we will do this.

However we need funding hence the posting of this e-mail. If you are in a position to rasie any money please send it to:

75 Humberstone Gate,

cheques/postal orders made out to the IWW but indicate they are for the Sierra Leone appeal.

Meanwhile, FW Chikezie was looted during the military takeover and has nothing. Our GST will be speaking to him in Guinea this week and I will post a further report.

Kevin Brandstatter (kevin.brandstatter@bbsrc.ac.uk)
Swindon UK


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