The Constitution, Agreements, Accords, and Treaties.

 The Constitution.
 Letters of Protection.
 The Sykes-Pico Agreement.
 Memorandum to the Paris Peace Conference Presented by the Patriarch, 1919.
 The Declaration of Human Rights.
 The Cairo Agreement.
 U.N. Resolution 425.
 U.N. Resolution 520.
 The Tripartite Accord.
 The May 17 Agreement.
 The Taif Agreement.
 The Lebanon-Syria Treaty of Brotherhood, Cooperation, and Coordination.
 Lebanon-Syria Defence and Security Agreement.
 The April Understanding.
 The Lebanon Independence Restoration Act of 1999.
 Open Letter to Bashar Assad from Gibran Tueni, Al-Nahar, 23 March 2000.
 Declaration of the Maronite Bishops 20 September 2000.
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