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Wanda Quinn - 02/22/00 21:54:19
My Email:wlquinn@aol.com
Hi Glen, What a great web sight. You have done so well and are so talented. I am so proud and glad that you are my nephew. Love from your Auntie.

Dawn Schloesser - 01/12/00 20:29:17
Title/Position: Associate Editor, Band & Orchestra Product News
My Email: DSchloesser@testa.com
URL: www.bandandorchestra.com
Great website! You're really doing fantastic things with your music groups, and we wish you all the best in the future. Look for an article on the web site award CAE received in the "State News" section of the February 2000 edition of Band & Orchestra Pro uct News! -Dawn

Jason Noel - 12/21/99 23:46:01
Title/Position: Jason Noel MT-Intern
My Email: jasonnoel@hotmail.com

Sr. Carren Herring - 12/20/99 13:25:10
Title/Position: Eastern Catholic Alliance of Schools for Excellence
My Email: srcarren@aol.com
URL: http:/volzcpa.com/e-case
Comments: Awsome! Keep up the good work!

Steve Gruver - 12/20/99 05:15:54
Position/Title: High School Band Director
My Email:gruver1@msn.com
URL: http://homepages.msn.com/stagest/gruver1
Comments: Hey Glen, Great job with the WWW pages! Sincerely, Steve

Becca Sibilsky - 12/16/99 20:34:44
Position/Title: Student at University of Wisconsin, Madison Go Badgers!/ Americanos Sop. 95-00
My Email:badgertrpt@kickstart.com
Hey Glen! Cool page! I like it! I'm really looking forward to being taught by you this summer with the Americanos Drum and Bugle Corps! It's going to be a fabulous time! GO CANOS 2000!!

Todd Willis - 11/27/99 22:28:57
Title/Position: Artistic Director, Pacific Wind Ensemble
My Email: pacwindens@aol.com
URL: http://members.aol.com/pacwindens/myhomepage/index.html
Bravo! Your group is very similar to one that I started by in 1992, in San Francisco. I really liked the photos of your group, plus the repertoire list. Hopefully, I will get my act together and include something similar for our web site :-)

Alan Susarret - 11/10/99 01:58:26
Position/Title: French horn student of Mr. Tuomaala at the School for the Creative and Performing Arts
My Email:applemeister75@mail.com
URL: http://www.oocities.com/SiliconValley/Hardware/4158
Now I can show everyone that funny picture of Mr. Ewing!!! (I downloaded it)

Karen Foley - 10/13/99 23:58:29
Position/Title:Retired Art Educator
My Email:KTF59@aol.com
Very impressive group. Congratulations,Glen!!!! The Foley's of Traverse City, Michigan

Tina Bowser - 08/25/99 23:50:54
My Email:lucie@penn.com
Hey, Glen, I thought I would check out your website tonight, it's cool. C-ya next year (I hope)!!!!

Siri Caltvedt - 08/23/99 01:01:29
Position/Title: Conductor
My Email:scaltvedt@hotmail.com
Hi Glen-with-one-n! I finally got e-mail but tonight I'm having trouble getting on so I thought I'd check out your site in part to see if AOL would let me go anywhere at all. Ciao! -Siri.

Stephanie Bain - 08/19/99 06:05:14
Position/Title: job? what job? I'm a student!
My Email:stephanie.bain@wright.edu
URL: www.wright.edu/~stephanie.bain
(-: Hi Glen :-)

Phil Amalong - 08/13/99 19:10:21
My Email:PhilBGA@aol.com
URL: www.oocities.com/Soho/Study/6767
Come and visit my web page to say hello to my dog Mona and sign her guestbook: www.oocities.com/soho/study/6767

Patricia Frank - 06/19/99 19:00:32
Position/Title: K-6 Music Teacher
My Email:sais@zajil.com
I would have loved to listen to the music but my computer wouldn't let me. Your web site looks neat! Hope you get overseas someday.

James P. Taylor - 05/27/99 19:04:35
My Email:redhound1@fuse.net
URL: http://home.fuse.net/flipreality/FlipReality.htm
I finally got a chance to look at the website. Looks good! Thanks, JPTaylor (Photographer)

Crystal Meadows - 05/25/99 19:08:10
Position/Title: XU Music student, Horn player
My Email:meadows@xavier.xu.edu
Great picture at the library. Can't wait to play with the group again!

Andrea Seidenman Estep - 05/03/99 05:39:40
Glen: Awesome, I found it!!!!! Sincerely, Andi

Vern Montgomery - 04/14/99 21:37:48
Position/Title:Green Sauce Co-Technical Advisor
It's nice to have met such an animal lover. Especially one that's so careful with those small,little,fragile puppies. Liked your web page too.

Bob Jimima - 04/14/99 21:30:43
Position/Title:K-9 terminal velocity judge
My Email:dropadog@aol.com
Here at the K-9 terminal velocity center, we drop miniature doverman pincher dogs to see if they bounce from a height of about four stories (in a dogs perception). -Bob

Jenn Vondenhuevel - 04/14/99 21:26:01
Position/Title:Student/drum corp obssesor
Tuomaala: Hey that picture on the home page looks really strange (especially you!!!) (just kidding) (hehehehehehe) Just thought I'd drop by for a look see. CAPITAL REGIMENT MELLOPHONE LINE! - Jenn

Barb Martanovic - 04/09/99 22:38:16
Position/Title:Teacher - Hilton Elementary School, Brecksville, OH
My Email:bksta_bmarta@lnoca4.lnoca.ohio.gov
Impressive! Way To Go Glen! :)

Dee Honner - 04/04/99 21:11:33
The honner home page: members.home.net/dahonner

Barbara Honner - 04/04/99 21:06:11
Position/Title: noseynegotiator
Will begin to browse shortly....remember: "equitable agreement" "win win" "time certain" "far reaching positive effects"

Drew McKenzie - 03/01/99 20:54:31
Position/Title:Capital Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps Pit Percussion
Nice Informational Website Cya at Capital

Amy Evans - 02/25/99 16:51:14
Julianna Evans looks like the best clarinet player in the whole world.

Amy Dennison-Tansey - 02/10/99 00:26:03
Position/Title:Arts Administrator
Nice job Glen - keep up the good work

Erin - 02/09/99 17:11:14
Position/Title:Band Director: Divine Child High School - Michigan

Demetrius Fuller - 02/07/99 06:18:03
Position/Job/Title: Graduate Assisitant- CCM

Linda Quinn - 02/03/99 14:35:43
Position/Job/Title:Math Teacher - Troy High School, Troy, Michigan
Great picture! Great information. :-)

Paul Stanbery - 02/03/99 03:12:23
Position/Job/Title:Conductor, Hamilton Fairfield Symphony Orchestra, Clermont Philharmonic, Blue Ash Symphony
URL: www.hfso.org
Hi Glen, nice website. Looking forward to meeting with you. Sincerely, Paul

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