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04.04.04 - Micky Waller and his All Star Band is playing Monday, April 12th, at the Bull's Head, Lonsdale Road, Barnes, in London. It'll happen at 8:15 PM (approx.).

I don't have info about the lineup, but his band usually comprised fantastic veterans from mythical bands (Graham Parker Band, Downliners Sect, Black Cat Bones, etc.). Special guests will also appear. Telephone 01784 460094 for details.

(My note: you should check it out with the venue. I just include the info as I got it)

Special thanks to Mark Freeman.

04.02.16 - Wonderful vocalist Doris Troy has left us today. She appeared in many great albums by Humble Pie, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Dr. John, etc., as well as having her own solo career. Until I make my pages on her, you can find her already mentioned in my pages about Clem Clempson, Chris Mercer, Katie Kissoon, Mike Kellie, Steve York, Conrad Isadore, Mick Greenwood, Brian Godding, Kevin Westlake, Ray Russell, Bryson Graham, Cal Batchelor, Chris Parren, Jimmy Horowitz, Dave Caswell, Paul Gurvitz, Derek Austin, Lyle Jenkins, Dave Wendells, Ian Armit, Rick Brown, Caleb Quaye, Micky Waller, Ric Grech, Mick Grabham, John Gustafson, Victor Unitt, Rob Tait, Rick Wills, Cozy Powell, Morris Pert, Dick Parry, Pat Donaldson.

04.01.29 - Great keyboardist Peter Dines (also known as Dino Dines) has died today. He was the original keyboardist in one of my favourite bands, Keef Hartley Band, as well as a member of T.Rex. Today, I publish the page I had done about him as my tribute. Thanks to Andrew for his message about the sad news.

04.01.16 - Another great musician has left us: drummer John Siomos. He appears in all those legendary albums by Peter Frampton in the mid 70s. I had my pages made about him, but I had kept them 'hidden' as I was waiting to have some free time to scan album covers, etc. Today, I publish them as my tribute to him. Thanks to Steven C. Bialek and Tim Finnegan.

04.01.05 - An exquisite drummer has left us today. He's John Guerin, and he was already mentioned in my pages about Laura Creamer, Ric Grech and Aynsley Dunbar. He was a short time member of The Byrds, also a member of Tom Scott & The LA Express, playing as sessionman in dozens of albums (just to name a few: Frank Zappa, Art Garfunkel, Barbra Streisand, Mama Cass Elliott, George Harrison, Joan Baez, Shawn Phillips, Elton John, Gram Parsons, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Elkie Brooks, Todd Rundgren, Larry Carlton...). But my favourite albums with him are the ones he recorded with my loved Joni Mitchell. A great loss.

04.01.01 - HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! I still have lots of commitments that don't allow me working on The Musicians' Olympus as I would like to do. Apologies to everyone awaiting for some pages (or for some email answers).

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