Jughead Zone Funway Awards


Deb and John Award Jughead the Totally Fun Site Award for a super interesting and fun Website.


Janice Awards Jughead the Awesome Page Award for her enjoyable visit to his Awesome Website



Jane Awards Jughead The Favorite Site Award for a great visit on his pages.



Janet Awards Jughead the Exceptional Site Award for an enjoyable site that he put a lot of effort into



Marsha or Little Missy Awards Jughead the Cool Site Award for having many interesting things on his page.



Pam Award Jughead the Family Friendly Award for all the time and effort and interesting things he put into his site.



Judy Holiday Awards Jughead the Double Award of Great Designer & Cool Site for alot of great things she saw on his website



  Joy and Ryan Award Jughead the Double Award of Homepage Perfection for a super great homepage and an enjoyable visit.


Toni Awards Jughead the Creative Site Award for interesting stories she enjoyed at his website.



Maureen Awarded Jughead an Eggy Award for a page people will enjoy

Sarah Awards Jughead the Pick of the Day Award for One of The Best Sites She Saw

Dave & Cheryl Parker Award Jughead The Cool Web Site Winner for having an interesting site.

Jane Awards Jughead The My Page Sparkles Award For A lot of Fun to Look At

Memphis Jan Awards Jughead The You Rock Me Award for a Great Homepage & Super Website

Penny Awards Jughead The Starlight Award for Enjoying his Site

Julia Awards Jughead the Fishy Award for a Super Awesome Site



Catherine or Sweet Pea Awards Jughead the Sweet Site Award for a super awesome homepage & website



Christina of Christinas Castle Award Jughead the Caring Heart Award for a very nice homepage and website she enjoyed surfing through



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