Jughead Zone Super Grand Awards

Annie Holiday Blue Ribboned Jughead for a great page




Peggy Awards Jughead a Blue Ribbon Award for The Good Work He did of an enjoyable site.



Tigerlily or Adrian Awards Jughead her finest Award for a Super Nice Homepage & Website



Cindy Awarded Jughead The Cream of Crop Award for the hard Work He Did


Allison Awarded Jughead this Site for a great Web Page


Ned & Helen Awarded Jughead The Golden Windmill Award for an inviatation to his Website


Ewa of Tom and Ewa Website Awards Jughead The Wonderful Website Waterfall Award for a Super Great Visit to A Super Great Site.

Amy of the Carriage Candle Company Awards Jughead the Award of Excellence for excellent job of the effort he has put into his website

Crysti Awarded this to Jughead for a Cool Web Site



Laurel Awards Jughead for seeing a Super Cool Web Site




Eva Blue Ribbons Jughead the Award for a Super Great Homepage


Inez Awarded Jughead This Home Sweet Home Award for a creative Tasteful & easy to navigate site



Ivy Awards Jughead the Award of Excellence for a super nice site she surfed to



Laura Awards Jughead The Excellent Web Page Design Award for a Super Neatly Put Together Page




Tricia Awards Jughead for a great & wonderful site for all the great adventures he wrote about.



 Nicole Awards Jughead for a visit to a Super Wonderful Page


Liz Awards Jughead The Excellence Award for enjoying the visit very much.




Susan awarded Jughead This Apple Award for enjoying my Webpage



Lucille Awards Jughead The Country Home Award for Excellent Design & interesting information on a lot of his pages.




Melissa Awards Jughead the Majestic Website Award for making her visit an enjoyable one.




Adrienne Awards Jughead The Beautiful Site Award for making his site look good to surfers


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