Jughead Zone Key To Effort Awards

Kellie or Blue Eyes Awarded Jughead The Sunny Site Award for Proud Achievements on His Website



Tracy Awards Jughead The Pal N Around Outstanding Award for a Super Great Site


Sue Awards Jughead The Kuntry Koop Award for an Enjoyable visit to his site.




Marcia or Flower Awards Jughead the Treasure Award for the time & effort & memories it brought back to Marcia in the work he put into his site.



Sherre Awards Jughead this Angel Award for his interesting way he had his webpage set up.



Misty Awards Jughead The Rose Award For A Super Excellent Great Site



 Joanie Awards Jughead the Rose Award for great web page design & super excellent effort on his his page.




Suzanne Awarded Jughead The Great Site Award for Interesting Things at his Website




Sally Awards Jughead The Great Sites Award for having Super Things of Interest on his Site.


 Jill Awards Jughead The Cool Site Award for the hard work & inventiveness he did in getting his site together



Rita Awards Jughead the Tigress of Excellence for the time & effort he took in building his pages on his website.



Becca Awards Jughead The Excellent Site Award for the Excellent Hard Work & Effort He Put into his site.



  Shelly Sullivan Awards Jughead the Excellent Site Award for well designed pages and interesting pages of all sorts of super great information


 Renee Awards Jughead the Excellent Birdie Site Award for the time and effort he put into the creation of all of his pages on his website.

Aunt Runner Awards Jughead The Award of Excellence for the super great way he designed his homepage and the other pages on his website.



Cindy Awards Jughead the Bloom Site Award for a great growing site & the time & effort he put into it



Foxy or Linda Awards Jughead The Outstanding Web Site Award for putting the creative unique time & effort into his site.



Randy of the Army Community Service Awards Jughead This Five Star Award for the effort & quality he put into his site.




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