I'm a 27 years French guy, and I'm actually working in a computer services society as a Unix support.
I've lot of hobbies, mainly centered auround games. Firstly there are role playing games (I love Talislanta, Nexus, Dc Heroes, Shattered Dreams and CORPS),but I like wargames (Imperial starfire, Civil war games, Third world war series...), boardgames (Paydirt, Paydirt and ... Paydirt) and computer games (Madden 2000, MUDs) too. With my work, I'm playing less than before but I'm still active in designing rpg stuffs on the net.
Besides games, I like reading Sci-Fi novels (my favourite authors are P. Hamilton A. Clarke, P.K. Dick and M.G. Coney),listening music (principally alternative rock music but I like country music and movie soundtrack too) and watching movies (Heavenly creatures, Abyss, Gattaca, Honkytonk Man and many more ...).
Of course I'm (or was) a true Net addict . I love surfing and exploring new homepages but it's really time consumming. And finally I'm a die hard fan of the Seattle Seahawks, but I also support Kansas City, Buffalo, Denver and Washington .
Oups I forgot to say that since a few months, I became a 3D graphics afficionado and I'm using some expansive (for my purse) programs like Cinema 4D GO, Vue d'Esprit or Poser. I owned also Bryce, True Space, Ray Dream 3D and some freewares like Terragen. Perhaps one day I'll work with Cinema 4D XL on a Sgi workstation, but for the moment that's science-fiction...

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