Star is a star system generator for Sci-Fi RPG.It includes things like binary sytems, asteroids, atmospheric compostion, unusual planet characteristics (rings, native life, high tides...), day and night temperatures or quantity of mineral ressources.
Star Generator is running under Windows 98, 2000 and XP. If you find any bugs or have any comments please email-me.

The new website is at ,this page will stay online but I recommend you to update your bookmarks.

What's new:

Star Generator v2.0 beta2: bugs fixed in Star Editor, new docs.
Star Generator v2.0 beta
Star Generator v1.6
Star Browser Deluxe v0.1 beta
Civilization Generator v0.1 beta
Stargen Forum
Star Generator v1.57c: 2D sector bugs fixed, High population planet characteristics added, fuzion converter updated, starfind could search for moons now, save single systems in Star Browser.
Star Editor v1.4: add compatibility with Star v1.57c.
Army Generator v1.0: Adam asked me for a starship generator, I've made a little utility some months ago that generates a very basic order of battle. So I've put it on my page in the case someone is interested in it.


Star generator v2.0 beta (mirror site)
qtinf70.dll file
Star generator v1.6
Star generator source code


See an example of a system created by Star.
See Star Formulas (Star v1.53).
See the different Star file formats.
Star Browser screenshot.
Another Star Browser screenshot.

View Stargen Forum



With the new launch pad buttons I recommand you to put all the executable files in the same directory.

If you use a high resolution screen, some forms could appear to small. With the starwin.ini file this problem should be fixed for the main browser form, but not for all the others forms. It's difficult for me to fix this one cause I get an old little screen, I'll try to look at it when I'll have the opportunity to work on a bigger one...

Crystal Ball:

Things that could be here in the future, I give some release dates for these programs, I'm not sure if I'll respect these dates . It's here only for indication, and like Microsoft, my programs are always in late and with lot of bugs:

I would like to thanks Fabricio Cesar Franco, James Alan Young, MJ Lush, Steve, Alan Kohler, John Dollan, Noel Weer, Galt, Adam and Matthew and all the others for their suggestions and supports. Also a big thanks to Stephan Aspridis who gave me the reasons why a fluorine atmosphere couldn't exist and the authorization to use his Galactic program formulas.
Rob Hull has made a 32 bit version of Star Generator v1.2 and Alien v1.0, his site has also Serge Caron's Alien Generator in C.

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