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TUGS:The Universal Game System was originally created a few mounths ago when I was searching for a game system for a SF universe.Unhappy with the majority of SF games I finally decided to create one from scratch.So I picked rules I liked from different games and melted them into a realistic and coherent but still simple game system.

My principal sources of inspiration were Jorune (combat and experience rules), Space Opera (list of skills , training , character creation...), Corps (generic psychic powers, heat and cold effects...) and Shattered Dreams (psychological rules).You could also add to this list Megatraveller, 2300AD and Imperial Starfire.

In less than three mounths 95 % of the rules were done but the SF universe (Babel) was not fully developped.As I hadn't time to master Tugs:Babel, I decided to play Talislanta (I used already TUGS combat rules for some weeks) with all the Tugs rules.

These pages haven't been updated for a while, for a main reason, I 'm making big changes in Combat rules (less dice rolls), and I get a lot of headaches to adapt a coherent vehicle combat system not too much different to the man to man combat system. But near the begining of July, the new version of rules should be finished with the Psi Power system.

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