David Brin Uplift Timeline

This file was based on the books Sundiver, Startide Rising, The Uplift War, Brightness Reef, Infinity's Shore, and Heaven's Reach (thereafter referred in this page as the canon).

These books are set in the Uplift Universe, where each intelligent species was uplifted from pre-sentient (animal) intelligence to spacefaring level - since the days of the Progenitors. Except Humans, the wolflings of Earth, for whom no one has found the Patrons.

There are two supplements to the GURPS Universe: GURPS Uplift and Contacting Aliens. Both of them include timelines, and my calculations were useful in some of those information. Those dates are now canonical, and some of them are included here.

This timeline is far from complete. A complete timeline, with an overview of the Uplift Universe, can be found at Stewart Blandón's site. Stewart Blandón's timeline is based on GURPS Uplift, and there are some minor differences between the canon and GURPs Uplift.

Another Uplift Universe Encyclopedia, with much creative material, is Trent Shipley's Aliance for Progress Galactic Library pico-branch .

Like my other timelines, I have put some arrows to help the reader follow some characters. However, I decided to represent uncertainty by a color code, from green, representing a direct quote from the canon, to red, when the canon can only give an approximate date. Or: Error > 1000 Years, Error 100-999 Years, Error 10-99 Years, Error 1-9 Years, Exact Year.

This timeline contains spoilers. Those who haven't read the books and wish to do should not read this page.

Big Bang

  • The Universe begins

    1500 BC

  • The Caltmour become extinct

    930 AD

  • The g'Keks come to Jijo, starting a sooner colony in this forbidden world. See also the Timeline of Jijo

    1300 AD

  • Traekis come to Jijo

  • Glavers come to Jijo

  • Glavers enter the Path of Redemption


  • the Qheuens come to Jijo


  • Hoons come to Jijo


  • Urs come to Jijo


  • Earth controlled by The Bureaucracy


  • The Hegemony, the second generation of Bureaucrats, rule the Earth


  • Helene DeSilva born


  • Overturn: end of the Bureaucracy


  • Humans plant a colony in NuDawn; this is illegal by Galactic standards, since that planet (around Tau Ceti?) was fallow


  • Jacob Demwa of the Alvarez Clan born


  • Contact with the Galactic Civilization: human ship Vesarius meet the Tymbrimi


  • Sequestration of NuDawn: Jophur slaughter the human colony in NuDawn


  • Vanilla Needle incident; Tania dies


  • Humans have three extra-solar colonies, in Cygnus

  • Sundiver incident

    2275 (probably earlier)

  • The Tabernacle leaves Earth, and plants a human colony in Jijo. See also the Timeline of Jijo


  • Streaker finds a derelict fleet in the Shallow Cluster

  • Psi-cast message sent to Earth is intercepted; all fanatic clans begin chasing Streaker and slaughtering each other

  • Invasion of Garth by the Gubru

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