Startide Rising Timeline

This file was based on the book Startide Rising, by David Brin. Some information was also taken from the books Sundiver, The Uplift War, Brightness Reef, Infinity's Shore, and Heaven's Reach (thereafter referred in this page as the canon).

These books are set in the Uplift Universe, where each intelligent species was uplifted from pre-sentient (animal) intelligence to spacefaring level - since the days of the Progenitors. Except Humans, the wolflings of Earth, for whom no one has found the Patrons.

This timeline is just a part of the full Uplift Timeline. There are three Uplift Timelines:

Like my other timelines, I have put some arrows to help the reader follow some characters. However, I decided to represent uncertainty by a color code, from green, representing a direct quote from the canon, to red, when the canon can only give an approximate date. Or: Error > 100 Days, Error 10-99 Days, Error 1-9 Days, Error 1-23 Hours, Exact Day and Hour.

I am going to add another hypothesis: that Streaker follows regular 12-hour shifts. There are enough hints that corroborate this hypothesis in Chapters 3, 10, 19, etc. The only problem would be with Akki only knowing about Creideiki's accident in his next shift - because Akki would be in his shift during Creideiki's accident. This can be solved if we suppose that the accident happened close to 18:00 GMT, then Akki left his shift without knowing about the accident, and then someone found Creideiki.

This timeline contains spoilers. Those who haven't read Startide Rising and wish to do should not read this page.

Event Kithrup Days and Hours (relative to Chapter 1) Earth Days and Hours
(relative to Chapter 3)
Gregorian Calendar
Streaker finds a derelict fleet in the Shallow Cluster -22 days -37 days 2489-05-01
Ambush in the Morgran Transfer Point -15 days -26 days 2489-05-08
Introduction of Uplift War -15 days tdb days 2489-05-15
Streaker arrives in Kithrup -4 or -3 days -7 or -6 days 2489-05-28
Startide Rising, Chapter 1 (begin) 9 hours 0 hours 2489-06-04
Startide Rising, Chapter 3 (begin)
The Battle over Kithrup begins
14 hours 10 hours 2489-06-04
Krondorsfire, the Thennanin battleship, crashes over Kithrup 16 hours 12 hours 2489-06-04
Brookida gets back to Streaker, bringing news of disaster 22 hours 1 day 3 hours 2489-06-05
Tom's rescue party arrives in Toshio's island 1 day 1 day 6 hours 2489-06-04
Problem: time for Tom to go to Toshio's island should be similar to time for Toshio to get back. This time is short. Conclusion: they must have used the longboat or the skiff in the rescue
Toshio and Hikahi's party return to Streaker 1 day 8 hours 2 days 2 hours 2489-06-05
Tom Orley and Gillian Baskin meet in Toshio's Island 2 days 2 days 20 hours 2489-06-05
Tom Orley departs from Toshio's Island in the airplane 2 days 11 hours 3 days 8 hours 2489-06-05
Creideiki is injured by a sabotaged buoy 2 days 16 hours 3 days 14 hours 2489-06-16
Akki notifies Gillian and Toshio about Takkata-Jim's plan 3 days 14 hours 5 days 7 hours 2489-06-16
The Psi-Bomb explodes 4 days 5 hours 6 days 6 hours 2489-06-19
Streaker starts moving from the original landing site to the site of the Thenannin wreck 5 days 6 hours 7 days 21 hours  
Streaker leaves the Kthsemenee System 6 days 10 hours 10 days 3 hours 2489-06-29

Created: 1999-12-02

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