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Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 98 (30/11/2000) #623
ISLAMISATION - The chairman of the protestant-christian attorney team (Tim Pengacara Gereja - TPG) Ambon, Mr. Semmy Waileruny, declared to Siwalima newspaper that it is more and more evident that the ultimate goal of the jihads is: changing the democratic Republic of Indonesia into a Muslim State. 

Killed when defending Hative Besar

(right) Documentation photo of a 17-year old boy shot dead when defending his village of Hative Besar from Jihad attackers. 26/09/2000 (Masariku Network Photo)

Corpses of Moslem Attackers
Documentation photo of the Corpses of the Moslem Attackers died in Suli Village - 10/10/2000 (Masariku Photo)

More Moluccan Christians Forced to Convert to Islam (30/11/2000) #622
The Islamic militants, many of whom are from other provinces of Indonesia are waging a Jihad or so-called 'Holy War' against the Christians of the Moluccas. They are intent on killing, converting or driving out all the Christians, thereby destroying the centuries old Moluccan Christian community. Last week 415 new Jihad fighters arrived in Ambon, reinforcing concerns that the Islamic fundamentalists are preparing yet another major offensive against what's left of the Moluccan Christian community.

Islamists fuelling crisis in Indonesia's Maluku islands (28/11/2000) #620
The humanitarian situation in Indonesia's embattled Maluku islands is worsening as a result of the influx of Islamic Jihad or holy war warriors aided by rogue external elements. "Evidence suggests that Laskar Jihad receives assistance from elements in the government and the armed forces as well as from international Islamist movements,"

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 96 & 97 (27/11/2000) #617
FURTHER NEWS ON ATTACKS ON KAIRATU - (see Report 96 no3) This morning's Suara Maluku newspaper reports that at 5.30 a.m. on Saturday, November 25, christians in Kairatu, a little town at the coast of S.W.Ceram and in Uraur, a little village north of Kairatu were attacked by muslims coming from the direction of Gemba/Waimital and Telaga and also from the sea on five speedboats.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 95 (24/11/2000) #613
VICTIMS AT SEA - Local radio reports that this morning a speedboat with twenty christians on board was shot at after leaving Galala , bound for Benteng. The attackers launched their assault with six speedboats and used standard or organic rifles and grenades. In this incident five of the christians were killed, fourteen were injured of whom several seriously. These are now being taken care of in the navy hospital at Halong.  

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 94 (23/11/2000) #610
DEMONSTRATION BY MUSLIMS - As we read in this morning s Siwalima newspaper, several hundreds of Muslims once again held a demonstration yesterday near the Town Mayor's Office, not far from the Governor's Office, since the Governor's Office was sealed off to them by security forces They shouted yells such as: Obed (=the christians) get ready to climb the mountain (allusion to the fact that christians going from the town to the west, Benteng etc. v.v., have to climb the hills to avoid Pohon Pule).

Radio Broadcast Transcript: the Encounter About Maluku (23/11/2000) #609 - For two years now we have been hearing instalments in the continuing saga of communal violence in Maluku, one of Indonesia's eastern provinces. News media report each episode in terms of Christians versus Muslims, or Muslims versus Christians. The Indonesian Army plays a shady role in this story and the Indonesian Government invariably comes across as ineffectual.

Silo Church - Burned
Silo Church
was burned down
on 26th December 1999 

Moluccan Christians Told to Embrace Islam or Die (21/11/2000) #608 - Thousands of Christians in the Moluccas islands of eastern Indonesia have been forced by Islamic militants to convert to Islam or have been given deadlines by which they must convert or be killed. Disturbing reports by the Moluccan Christian human rights group, the Masariku network, indicate that thousands of Christians in Bacan in northern Moluccas have been forced to change their religion to Islam. 

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 93 (21/11/2000) #607
CORPSES FOUND - As we mentioned in our Report 91 no.1, on Saturday, 18 November, a speedboat, having left Tulehu (island of Ambon) never arrived at its destination i.e. Sirisori Islam. On November 21, two bodies (females) washed ashore near Waai, both maimed.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 92 (21/11/2000) #606
KILLING AGAIN IN AMBON TOWN - On November 20, in the morning, in the muslim quarters of Galunggung, Ambon town, a christian was cut down (killed), whereas another was seriously wounded. In the afternoon there was frequent shooting, among others at the neighbourhood of Petak Sepuluh, near Mangga Dua Ambon town, where one christian was killed by bullets.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 91 (20/11/2000) #603
On Saturday, 18 November, at 1.00 p.m., a speedboat, owned by somebody from Sirisori Islam (island of Saparua) left Tulehu (island of Ambon), bound for Sirisori Islam. However, it never arrived there. On board were 13 passengers and 3 crew members.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 90 (19/11/2000) #596
The Governor, Dr.Ir.M.Saleh Latuconsina, on November 16 declared to the press that he only learned about the arrival of 415 Laskar Jihad in Ambon (see Report 89, no 7) when reading it in the newspaper.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 89 (15/11/2000) #592
CHINESE KILLED - A catholic Chinese merchant, named Benedictus Tanasal (48) was killed on November 8 in the muslim dominated Sam Ratulangi Road (shopping street). He was used to do business with a muslim woman, but this time he seems to have been tricked. Just another indication that any intermingling of christians and muslims is still impossible. However it might be an ordinary criminal act.

The report on crimes and human rights violations and the request to build houses and other facilities (09/11/2000) #578
The village Elders of Siri Sori Amalatu believe it is necessary to bring to your attention our experiences in regard to various crimes and severe violations of human rights committed by groups of Muslims.These groups of Muslims came from the direction of the village of Siri Sori Islam and were supported by units of the land-forces of the Indonesian Army, TNI-Angkatan Darat ( In this letter referred to as aggressors).

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 88 (06/11/2000) #568
DEFILEMENT OF CHURCH - Today's Siwalima newspaper reports a sad follow-up of the destruction (during September and October) of the christian village of Sirisori Amalatu on the island of Saparua. It has been reported to the governor with carbon copies to Pope John Paul II, the United Nations Board and various other persons and agencies, that in what is left of the Sirisori church building, muslims indulge themselves in irregular sexual activities.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 87 (03/11/2000) #563
ATTACK ON SULI - On November 2, the village of Suli in the eastern part of the island of Ambon, east of Passo, was attacked for the fourth time. Earlier attacks took place on September 25, September 28 and October 10. This time it was a minor attack on this christian village and could be stopped by security forces in half an hour time.

EU Concerns for Moluccas (03/11/2000) #562
The situation in the Moluccas has become so serious that, unless the Indonesian government is able to quickly restore order, the international community should consider intervening. At least, that's what Europarliamentarian Hanja Maij-Weggen argues in a draft resolution on the relationship between the European Union and Indonesia.

Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina - Report no. 86 (01/11/2000) #553
MINISTERS' VISIT TO THE MOLUCCAS - Instead of 13 Ministers (see Report 85 no.6), only 6 Ministers form Jakarta arrived at Laha airport, Ambon, on October 31. They arrived at Laha airport at 9.45 a.m. and left at 2.00 p.m. the same day to go on to Ternate (North Moluccas) and the same day further on to Makassar (South Celebes). Their visit to the Province of the Moluccas was restricted to a meeting with local officials at the airport. Of course local population was disappointed that this visit was to be so brief!

Islands of Hatred - Meet the Middle East Terrorits (30/10/2000) #546
Sabah-al-kheir. Ana min Bulanda (Good morning, I come from Poland), can we talk?', I addressed him in Arabic, pretending to know the language. After he sat down, I said I would prefer to talk in Indonesian. He summoned an interpreter. Consequently, I switched to English. I knew already that he was not Indonesian, but an arrival from another part of Asia or the Middle East.

Indonesia Gov't must stop Killings in the Moluccas (30/10/2000) #545
Many people who witness the violent attacks confirmed that, although the Indonesian Army was present during the attacks, either nothing was done to protect the villagers or some of the soldiers actually joined the aggressors in shooting at the escaping villagers. Unfortunately, even people such as the current leader of the People's Consultative Assembly, Dr. Amien Rais, openly supported calls for Jihad or an Islamic holy war against the Christians and other religious believers in Indonesia.

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