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Hey folks,

In Memoriam: Wraith: the Oblivion With Ends of Empire a major chapter in the World of Darkness comes to a close. I've begun my Relics page to help keep track of online material available for Wraith.

As always, feedback and submissions are welcome.

One of my current pet projects is to gather lists of Worlds of Darkness, that is alternate ... by Night, Rage Across..., Necropolis ..., and similar settings. While these alt.worlds don't need to be fully developed, I'm interested in ones with significant amounts of detail. If you know of any, please point them out.

Finally, I'd like to recommend people stop by...

WhiteWolf Game Studios Online
BJ Zanzibar's World of Darkness

Ex Libris Nocturnis
Ben Buckner's Web of Darkness

Virtual Moon Phase: US Naval Observatory

I ( also maintain a more self-oriented page, Haven.

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Remember that almost everything you see from these pages is player created material based on White Wolf Gaming Studios' Storyteller game system and World of Darkness.

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