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I Will Keep The Introductions Short Because Most Who Come Here Already Know All This,But For Those Who Don't Here Is A brief Summary.
My Name Is Jeff, I Am Married To A Wonderful Woman Who's Name Is Deb. We Have Been Happily Married For 10 Years Now. We Are Both 38 Years Young. We Have 2 Beautiful Children. Jeffrey Who Is 10, and Natalie who is 6.

Our Son Jeffrey Has Been Diagnosed With A.D.H.D.(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) At A Very Young Age.He Also Has O.D.D.(Oppositional Defience Disorder.) For Those who Don't Know what This Is Please Follow The Links Below.

A Great Learning Place. Another Great Place.

We got The Pleasure Of Meeting A Dear friend Who's Name is Cyrano69,And We Got To Spend Some Quality Time With Him.

I Just Want to Thank All the Great People That Have Given Us Help When We Needed it ! I Will Not Name Names You all Know Who You Are !!*HUGZ*

I Will Mention One Name and that is My Best Friend on the net.
His Name is Bob Also Known as Grey Fox !!
He is the Greatest Friend to Me in The World !!

Bob and his Family

There is a Link To His Page At the Links Section Of This Page

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MY Links

This Is Bob's page Knoebels Park a Great Place
Scott and Tracie's Page Gina Jo's Homepage
Cyrano69's Page Download Powwow Here
*~*Pre▒▒yžeal*~* Page ~*Flower*Girl's*~ Page

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