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The Story

The Bionic Six started out as a normal family, until one day. Jack was a test pilot who had been bionically altered by Prof. Sharpe. Jack was sent to investigate some wierd energy readings in the Himilayas, which turned out to be an alien craft. He had brought his family along as a cover-up. Unfortunately, the aliens stared an avalanche and his family was exposed to a mysterious energy. In order to revive the six, Sharpe had to give them bionics. They were reborn as the Bionic Six. From then on, they used their bionics to fight against Scarab and his evil gang. Bionics On!

Dr. Scarab is Sharpe's brother. He is obsessed with gaining eternal life through the use of bionics, and is opposed only by the Bionic Six. Scarab created his gang from a bunch of misfits he 'rescued' from the streets. These people were true scum, and Scarab used the lure of power to gain their trust. After taking them back to his fortress, he experimented on them and turned them into the freaks they are now.

The Bionic 6 Episode Guide

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Bionics On! The First Adventure - The origin story.

Eric Bats A Thousand - Eric is given the chance to play for the NY Mets as a meteor lands in New York.

Nick of Time - Sport-1 is captured by Scarab and wakes up 30 years in the future.

Klunk In Love - Helen finds a new type of sea creature that Klunk falls in love with.

Family Affair - Scarab captures Prof. Sharp in order to gain his bionic formula.

Happy Birthday, Amadeus - Scarab crashes the surprise birthday party the Six throw for Prof. Sharpe.

Brain Food - Dr. Hugo Fish invents a compund that increases intelligence, and Scarab wants it!

Just A Little Handicap - Glove and Madame-O trick a crippled boy into helping them capture I.Q.

Fugitive FLUFFI - F.L.U.F.F.I. is tricked by Mechanic into joining his crime spree.

Youth or Consequences - The Six have to stop Scarab from activating a "secret invention" before he releases a toxic gas.

Enter The Bunji - Bunji is invited to enter a martial arts tournament at Dragon's Rock, where Scarab plans to steal "Ki" energy.

Return of the Bunji - Bunji travels to Japan to help defend the Armor of Light from falling into Scarab's hands.

1001 Bionic Nights - A computer capable of creating super-illusions goes beserk, and captures Mother-1.

House Rules - Jack and Helen leave on vacation while the kids throw a wild party, and Scarab invites himself!

Music Power - Scarab tampers with the Bandroids (musician androids) and the Six have to uncover his plot.

The Hive - Workers are disappearing in one of Scarab's diamond mines.

Mindlink - Scarab abducts I.Q. to finish his supercomputer, powered by human minds!

The Case of the Baker Street Bionics - I.Q. and Karate-1 are invited to participate in a game of mystery.

Now You See Me... - Karate-1 is tricked into thinking he can turn invisible through meditation.

The Glitch - While I.Q. repairs Prof. Sharpe's dimensional viewer, something crosses over...

Crystal Clear - After a visit to a travelling carnival, Mother-1 has problems with her ESP.

Born to Be Bad - Scarab tries to start a gang war, and one of J.D.'s friends is involved.

A Clean Slate (part 1) - Scarab loses his memory, and Prof. Sharpe tries to raise him as a good brother.

A Clean Slate (part 2) - The new Scarab decides to join his old gang after discovering the Bennet's secret.

Extra Innings - The Bionic Six try to rescue Homer Hernandez, a baseball legend who may have the secret to eternal youth.

Crown of the Scarab King - Scarab steals the scroll of the Scarab King, which will lead him to rule the kingdom of the sea.

Radio Scarab - Scarab creates a radio station which transmits a supersonic frequency that disrupts bionic circuitry

Valley Of Shadows - Dr. Scarab seeks eternal youth in a mysterious land known as the "Valley of Shadows"

Back to the Past (part 1) - Prof. Sharp sends a team of explorers through a time portal to find out how the dinosaurs died out.

Back to the Past (part 2) - A freak accident sends the dinosaurs from the past stampeding through the portal into the present

The Perceptor File - A lone saboteur is destroying technological buildings in the name of humanity...and Prof. Sharp is helping

Masterpiece - Dr. Scarab kidnaps Dr. Fish and his new invention, which can enhance a person's artistic abilities.

Holidaze - The Bennetts go on vacation to Holiday World, but the central computer malfunctions in a big way

Nightmare at Cypress Cove - Glove discovers a new way to enter dreams and brings back technologically impossible weaponry

I Compute, Therefore I Am - Dr. Scarab develops two super cyphrons, capable of intelligence and speech

Pass/Fail - Scarab mistakes Meg's boyfriend, Bim, for a member of the Bionic Six and kidnaps him for testing

Spin Out - The Bionic Six put on an airshow, but Scarab has knowledge that a batch of diamonds are on one of their planes

The Man in the Moon - A meteor impacts the moon...and Scarab wants it!

You've Come a Long Way, Baby! - One morning, the Bennets find a mysterious baby on their doorstep.

Up and Atom - Rock-1 fails to be reliable in action when she starts hearing voices from a microscopic dimension.

Home Movies - Bunji accidentally records a video sequence of the team changing and Scarab has the disk.

Scarabscam - The Bionic Six recruit a con artist to help infiltrate one of Scarab's operations.

Kleidoscope - Harlan Nales, an old colleague of Dr. Scarab's, is freed from jail to help stop one of Scarab's operations.

Once Upon a Crime - The Bionic Six fight Scarab in a land where superstition abounds and the King has been turned into a frog.

Bone of Contention - Mechanic finds a dog who steals a mechanical piece of equipment from Scarab, and he wants it back.

Mrs. Scarab - Scarab kidnaps Mother-1 to steal her beauty as he constructs a female counterpart for himself.

The Secret Life of Wellington Forsby - One of the kids at school tries to become a superhero and foils the Bionic Six's missions.

The Fungus Amongus - Scarab steals an invention of Dr. Fish's that creates fungus growth and wrecks havoc on the world.

Bottom of the Ninth Planet - The Bionic Six are captured and play games with aliens in Pluto for the sake of planet Earth.

Triple Cross - Scarab retrieves his counterparts from the past and future.

I, Scarab (part 1) - Scarab takes over the minds of all non-Bionic beings on Earth and arrests the Bionic Six.

I, Scarab (part 2) - The Bionic Six must battle Scarab and the U.S. military to turn the world back to normal.

Scabracadabra - Scarab kidnaps a magician in an attempt to tap into his magical powers.

A Matter of Gravity - Scarab steals a gravitation machine from Prof. Sharp and the Bionic Six have no idea where to find him.

Call of the Bunji - Bunji's father appears as one of Bunji's birthday presents and sends him on a solo mission.

A Super Bunch of Guys - Dr. Scarab steals Prof. Sharp's parallel dimension portal and uses it to enter a world populated by superheroes.

The Monkey Has Landed - A strange visitor from outer space turns out to be an Earth monkey with a high level of intelligence.

The Elemental - Prof. Sharp sends the Bionic six to find Wayne Earthbody, a native American with powers derived from the Earth.

I Am the Viper - Scarab inadvertently crosses a snake with an experimental plane, creating a ruthless snake who can change size.

Junk Heap - A being of garbage, is created by Scarab in a landfill, goes on a rampage.

Shadow Boxer - Scarab recruits a down and out boxer into his gang and bionically enhances him.

Ready, Aim, Fired - The Bionic Six are officially declared obsolete and Prof. Sharp is fired by Noodnik, a government official.

Love Note - Madame-O uncovers a special harp whose musical powers cause everyone in range to love her.

The Return of Mrs. Scarab - Mrs. Scarab returns and creates her own band of villians based on Scarab's gang.

Thats All, Folks! - Rock-1, Karate-1, and I.Q. are trapped in a cartoon along with Scarab, Mechanic and Klunk.

The Bionic 6 Voice Guide

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