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Come, come! Here, you'll find info on all sorts of interesting things happening in the world of Star Wars.

The site features a page dedicated to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game by West End Games.

Also, there's my IMHO pretty tough 25-question trivia, which will be updated pretty soon (hurry up, there's still a chance to try the old one).

But, wait, there's more! An X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter page with rumors and news regarding that new game coming soon from LucasArts. Go check out the page for the final release date!

And who can live life without a good laugh now and again. Visit the Humor page with funny stories involving many of our beloved Star Wars characters.

Or, you can just Enter Star Wars U-Name-It and take a look around!

Oh, yes, by the way, if you really wanna have a good time in here, you oughtta download this font package (.TTF format). Just unzip into your fonts-directory and restart Netscape and you'll be fine!

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Thanks to:

Jesper Rathsach, for competition, ideas and opinions in general and for being an all-around nice guy

Ralph McQuarrie, for some artwork and for visualizing the Star Wars experience

A whole lotta net artists, whose work I have stolen

Darklord Cin, for being a helluva nice guy

... and then there's Alf.

Special Thanks goes to:

George Lucas, for creating such a wonderful universe

20th Century Fox, without whom, the Star Wars movies might never have been made

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