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 The STAR WARS ROLEPLAYING GAME - Second Edition - Revised and Expanded

The new 2nd Edition revised has been out for some time, and is of course already on the bookshelf (or montre) in the home of a true SWRPG-addict (or fanatic, your choice). There are some minor changes in rules, the most significant one being the "Wounded Twice"-rule:

Instead of going from "Wounded" to "Incapacitated", you now go from "Wounded Once" to "Wounded Twice" to "Incapacitated". A Wounded Once character suffers a 1D penalty to all actions until healed and loses any remaining actions in the round he/she was hit. A Wounded Twice character suffers a 2D penalty to all actions, and likewise loses his remaining actions.

Furthermore, the book is of far better quality that the first one. And it's got color illustrations -- ALL pictures (movie shots and drawings) are in color. It is a pleasure to read.

Almost every piece of equipment is picturized in some manner, that being in a drawing or still (color, of course).

For the student of the Force, serveral Force-skills taken from other sourcebook have been added to awoid continously browsing through multiple volumes to find the effect of a certain skill.

Detailed examples explain, more thoroughly than the old 2nd Edition, how the rules work. Serveral loose ends have been tied up, so you don't misunderstand the rules.

And ... the most useful new feature: An INDEX! Very useful for locating detailed rules - no more browsing through entire chapters (I wonder where "falling damage" is located ... under "Movement" or "Combat"??), just look up that word and find that page!

All in all, if you can spare a couple of bucks, do not hesitate to buy this book!

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