This site is devoted to Role Playing Games. It includes utilities for TSR's D&D game, modules set in some of TSR's campaign settings as well as character backgrounds and a the tale of a young mage and his adventuring friends.

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Last Update 28th May 2007

28th May - Updated two Palm utilities - Inkeeper and XP Calculator.

Utilities to make the DM's job a little easier.

Ball An NPC Generator Version 1.0.1 19/01/01
Ball 3e NPC Generator Version 1.0.1 23/01/06
Ball Palm Innkeeper Updated - May 2007 Version 1.1 28/05/07
Ball Palm Combat Tracker Version 2.2 1/04/06
Ball Palm Encounter Calculator Updated - May 2007 Version 2.0 28/05/07
Ball Palm Dungeon Room Generator Version 1.1 12/04/06
Ball Palm Settlement Generator Version 1.0 15/04/06
Ball Palm Name Generator Version 1.0 15/04/06
Ball Palm NPC Generator Version 1.0 04/02/07
Ball A Dungeon Mapper Version 1.0.1 13/01/01
Ball A Journey Planner Version 1.0 04/02/07
Ball A Character Generator Version 1.1 16/02/97
Ball A Weather Generator
Ball A Monster Generator Version 1.2 28/03/99
Ball A Room Generator Version 1.1 29/9/97
Ball A Treasure Generator
Ball An Inn Generator
Ball A Street Generator Version 2.0.1 13/9/98
Ball A Thieves Guild Generator Version 19/4/99
Ball A Spellbook Generator Version 18/8/99
Ball A Dungeon Generator Version 1.3.1 1/2/04
Ball A Name Generator Version 1.0 8/11/99

Modules and tales from the Known World.

Ball Maps of the Known World©.
Ball Modules set in TSR's Known World©NEW!!!! and Hollow World©
Ball Adventure Modules set in TSR's World Of Greyhawk©
Ball My critical hit table.
Ball My critical miss table.
Ball Poison Types - Based on 1st Ed AD&D.
Ball The Trials Of Trimus - The story of a mage in monthly episodes.
Ball Tales from the campaigns I DM & play in.
Ball Heros & Villains
Ball Myths And Legends From TSR's Mystara Setting

The Western Realms PBeM

Ball Western Realms - Homepage
Ball Western Realms - Maps and Information
Ball The Freeisles Gazateer
Ball Want To Lurk? E-Mail me!

Other Role Playing Related Items

Ball Traps & Tricks.
Ball A Collection Of New Monsters.
Ball Magic Items And Spells.
Ball Quest: A PBM by KJC Games.
Ball The Rogues Gallery & Hall Of Heroes
Ball Dungeon Humour
Ball Books to Inspire And Delight
Ball City Geomorphs - Build Your Own Cities!
Ball The Collection Of Calaban The Lost

The Obligatory Links to Other Sites

Site Awards

The Crimson Shadow Award

The Crimson Shadow Award

© 1997 - 2005 alanderekjones@msn.com

The utilities on this site are produced for use with TSR's range of Role Playing Games. They are not authorised or endorsed by TSR. They use content and ideas from the TSR range of products which I hereby acknowledge. These utilities do not aim to replace those products suplied by TSR ,just enhance them.

If anyone knows that an image or text file infringes copyright plese email me.

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