Knight Squadron


You are the Rebel to visit this base since Nov. 1, 1996!

Welcome to Knight Squadrons base. My name is Admiral Ethan "Black Knight" Beck, I am the CO of Knight Squadron. Knight Squadron started out as an elite group of Indigo Squadron, made of some of the best pilots in the Rebel Alliance, when we grew large in numbers and strength we broke off from Indigo Squadron and began to fight the remnants of the Empire on our own. We are becoming so large now that we comprise a very large part of the New Republic Fleet and command the honor and respect of all of our peers. Adm. Ethan Beck - CO

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The reason there is no Knight Squadron roster yet is because only 3 pilots, myself, Rear Admiral Rob Young, and Captain Jeff Seh have qualified. We will have a roster some day, though.

***A note on questions or comments: I want to be more active in the squadron. I will be answering more emails promptly and I do encourage you send questions and/or comments that may help you or the squadron. Also, if and when you email me, please let me know how you found this site.

Do you have any suggestions or comments??? If so email me!

'96, '97, '98, '99 Admiral Beck