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This Site is Dedicated to My Co-Creator of the Magiverse, my partner in crime, and my FRIEND, WILLIAM DOUGLAS (DOUG) FREEMAN!!! "I love you man"

���� The Magiverse is a Place Where Anything is Possible, and Everything is New Again.� The Magiverse is a product of two like minds.� Mine, Lester Drinnon, and that of one of my best Friends, William Douglas (Doug) Freeman.� We came together in 1992 and formed the seed of what we would eventually call the Magiverse.� Doug and I both believed then, and we still did when I established this website, that the comics medium that we both loved was going in a wrongheaded direction, that heroes were no longer heroic, and in many cases, they mimicked the savagery of the villains they fought.� Also, comics that had once been tightly scripted were nothing more than loosely held together pin-ups.� We longed for comic books with heroes who had the "right stuff" and "did the right thing", and stories with a beginning, a middle, and an end.� Some books of that time seemed to go on forever, and the plots did nothing to advance the story what-so-ever.
���� We decided to take matters in our own hands.� Doug is a very good penciler.� What he lacked in experience (he had never tried his hand at telling a story through his art before), he made up with enthusiasm.� I was a novice in this field as well.� While I had written several short stories for my own satisfaction, I had never tried to script in a panel by panel format before.� However, we decided to make the leap into the small press/self publishing world.
���� Doug had a catalogue of characters that he had drawn over the years, and he even had back stories for some of them.� I had also tried drawing as well, though I have nowhere the talent that Doug possesses, and I had a character library of my own as well.� I also had some story ideas and concepts that needed characters to flesh them out.� Doug and I took our combined resources and pooled them, and then we started the difficult work of building a World where all of our various stories and characters could exist together. We hammered out detail after detail, and we eventually created an entire universe.� We needed a name for our universe, and as we were inspired during this time by the emergence of the Malibu Ultraverse, so we decided to call our created cosmos..........the MAGIVERSE.
����� Our MAGIVERSE, much like the real universe, had a creator that we called the GODHEAD.� The Godhead spawned the Magiverse for reasons known to Him alone.� He set this Magiverse up as a singular timeline with one beginning, and one end, and then He plucked the timeline, much as a guitarist plucks a string, and thus while the Magiverse's reality is a single one, there are multiple images of it vibrating slightly out of synch with each other.� Its vibrational frequency causes overlaps at roughly 2000 year intervals.� After the Godhead did this, He looked out over His creation, and saw that life was evolving.� He knew that these nascent life forms would need guidance and protection, for He had loosed on the Magiverse good, and due to all things needing a balance, its opposite, evil.� He gave freewill to the lifeforms of this new realm, and He augered that as most would choose good, some would walk in the darkness.� Thus He chose to create beings of great power to hold sway over this realm in His absence, for He was to go on to other Celestial projects for a Godly time.� Three of His creations He Called the MAGI, and He spoke them into being, but the last, His Universal Judge-Protector, He created from His own holy ichor.� To draw forth some of His own essence, He first created a blade, a dagger, forged in the heart of creation's own flame, made from the stuff of dreams and nightmares.��Then He slashed His left wrist, and as His life essence oozed out, He molded it into His own likeness.� He called His minion, the UNION, for it (the UNION) would only exist when summoned by one of its cellular components, called Valkoor.� Once the Union was fully formed, The Godhead plunged the dagger, called GiltThorn ShadowClaw, into the Union's center, and 1000's of entities, each a cell of the Godhead's blood, were scattered throughout creation.� These Valkoor, the valiant ichor of the Godhead Himself, were sentient lifeforms but basically inanimate.� For them to function in the manner the Godhead decreed, they had to bond with an animate host.� Thus was the cadre of beings known throughout the Magiverse as the Crimson Knights born.� They have existed since the dawn of existence, and these star flung sentinels of the cosmos are drawn to evil as the moth is drawn to flame.� They are the Judges of worlds, and the Union is the Judgement.
���� After the Union was created, and the Valkoor dispersed through the stars, the Godhead decided to withdraw from this creation for a while.� He hid the dagger sacred, the one thing in all of creation that may slay the Godhead, in the heart of a memory, surrounded by a dream, and charged His Magi with the keeping the cosmic balance.� He then left this sphere for unknown realms. Unknown,that is, to any save Himself.
���� For a time and a time, the Magiverse whirled unceremoniously on its cosmic axis.� The Valkoor found hosts, and the Knights started their ceaseless task of keeping evil in check, but there came a time when the first Great evil spread throughout a star system.� This evil drew one of the Crimson Knights, and he saw that the evil was too great for him to extinguish alone, thus was the Union first summoned into being since the Great dispersal.� The Godhead had Decreed that the Union Should be "Pure" and untainted by evil, however, that decree created a conundrum, for the hosts of the Valkoor being mortal and flawed, they had evil in them.� The first calling caused all of the evil in the Valkoorien hosts to be purged by Godhead's decree.� This living evil was cast to the farthest rim of existence, and there in the dusky twilight at creation's edge, the evil took on a form like that of the Union that spawned it, and the DARQUE did live.� Evil was given form and substance, flesh, blood, and bone, and he created him there, in the dimmest corner of the Magiverse, an Ebon Palace of fire, and Brimstone, and smoke, and ash that he called DirgeSong, and there he schemes his schemes, and plots his plans for the overthrow of all that is sacred to the Godhead in the Magiverse.�����

Thats how the Magiverse began. Since then, I have had some good times, and some bad. The worst was my mother developing a terminal illnes shortly after Doug and I started work on this thing of ours. Although, had it not been for Doug and the Magiverse, I would not have had a release from the tensions involved in caring for my ailing mother. After my mother passed away, I returned to college. I had started back to school about a year before she started showing signs of her illness, and when she was diagnosed as terminal, I put my own dreams on hold. Since then, I have come back to school, and Doug has shouldered the burden of keeping the Magiverse alive on his own. He has been the sole caretaker of the dream for many years now. And I must give him sole credit for doing the bangup job he has done. I give him my blessings in this as I follow another dream (one of education), but once my education is completed, I hope to jump back into the Magiverse, feet first. This page is dedicated to holding onto that dream, and holding onto Friends like Doug. It is one small thing I can do to support Doug while he labors alone. He has given his all, and he has inspired me to aspire to greatness once more. So, LIVE LARGE, till next time.

*****As of November 16th, 2003, I completed my education in December 1999, but my health then deteriorated very rapidly. I have severe complications of diabetes and have had a partial amputation of my right foot. I also have chronic diabetes cellulitis in both legs and severe edema also. My health has deteriorated even further. I have had to have several surgeries, and had some very debilitating complications accompany them. I have had multiple infections, one on a heart valve that caused the doctors to believe I needed open heart surgery...and I may have to have it yet because neither I nor they know the extent of the damage done to my heart during that time. I also have had blood clots in both legs simultaneously and spent over six months last year in a hospital bed. I am just now getting back to something even remotely resembling a human being, and May God be praised in all things for my recovery slow though it has been. Doug has soldiered on and has started publishing under his own banner of Nightowl Productions. He has a website now that you can visit HERE I wish him all the best as he continues with his dream.*****

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