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The Tamara Sourcebook - Update:  The project has been on hold for the past couple of weeks.  Had some problems here.  It should be back in full swing in another week or so.  Some of the graphics are already coming in.

Outline of Project

1. History
  A. The Beginning of Tamara
  B. Wars and Important Events of Tamara
  C. Tamara in the Present

2. Guide to the Realm 
  A. Cities
    I. Kingsport
    II. Free Citystate of Dravenmoor
    III. Covington
    IV. Elryn's Cove
    V. Other cities
  B. Mystical Places
    I. Doomfang Swamp 
    II. Kiergar Mountains
    III. Ashen Isle - Disappearing Island
    IV. Lake of Fire
    V. Plains of Blood
    VI. The River Sliev
    VII. Spirit Wood
    VIII. Any other noteworthy place
  C. Structures
    I. Druid Grove
    II. Cragenmoor
    III. Ruins of Blackmoor
    IV. Other structures

3. People of Tamara
  A. Tamarans
  B. Ki'Arum Tribes - Original Tamarans
  C. Shir'Ta Tribes
  D. Elves 
  E. Dwarves 
  F. Halflings (Minwan)

Graphics Needed

1. New Map of Tamara with Campaign Cartographer/Fractal Mapper 
   (make it look like an original AD&D supplement)
2. Map of each major city (Kingsport almost done)
3. New graphic of each mystical place
4. Graphics of the races would be nice
5. Pictures of some or all of the structures outlined above
6. Various medieval "clip-art" style graphics to go throughout the

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Updated: 01/30/99