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13 January 2006 -- No, this isn't a notice of an update to my website. Though I have noticed the date of my last new material and inwardly chastized myself... Just letting you know that due to circumstances beyond my control, the Shiny Glasses Club fic will never be finished. Why? Because it contains Subaru and Seishirou. I love them dearly, but I'm two-thirds of the way through the second draft of the fanfic that has for me ended all capacity to write (or even read) Subaru and Seishirou fanfic. It started as a bad idea, turned into a monster, and when my brain has recovered sufficiently from the last stint of writing, I'll finish it and post it. It will be the only Seishirou/Subaru I will ever publish, so you'd best enjoy it. I won't give a timeline, for inevitably that will become a lie. However, when it is done, I'll post both "Alternatives" (unless I have a better title by then) and the piece of Prince of Tennis fluff I'm using to de-angst my brain (just to be fair).

On the Record: I've come to a decision regarding X just today on a topic where I'd been rather wavering. I've heard CLAMP quoted as saying that, in the course of the manga, two Dragons of Heaven would change to being Dragons of Earth. As I'm sure you've noticed, Subaru and Arashi have done just that. They said at the same time that one Dragon of Earth would become a Dragon of Heaven, which we haven't seen, but I naturally asked myself, "Which one?" As I said, I waffled. For a good year, I considered, and ranked, and changed my mind... and today I woke up just knowing that it's going to be Satsuki. I am prepared to be wrong. How often has any one I know ever correctly guessed what CLAMP was going to pull? But I'm stating here and now that when CLAMP finishes X, Satsuki will have switched sides. A detailed write-up of why my opinion exists (with a handy chart) will be included with the author's notes to "Alternatives".

September 21, 2004 -- Theoretically, I've sworn off publishing my fanfiction (I'm too busy to keep up shop, as you can tell by the frequency of my updates), and even if I do post it I'd never ever ever post an unfinished work... but we all break our rules sometimes. I and rest of the management at Formenos realized that the Shiny Glasses Club section of the extras had turned into something we couldn't host there (ie, we just can't use other people's characters without permission on something so official). Therefore, I'm going to host it here. It's currently unfinished, but that's temporary. I expect to finish it while on winter break from school.

February 23, 2004 -- Well, the ending of the X-Files a couple years ago posed an interesting challenge in terms of new material. I ultimately decided to make an introduction to what I've been doing since then: below you will find a link to my summary of The X Movie (look! Thematic continuance just because I love you!), an anime feature film "based" on a manga by the artist group CLAMP. Thanks to all the people who went from this page to Formenos, or the Fangirl's Freehold. I hope you liked it.

January 24, 2004 -- I just realized that people are actually visiting this site. It wasn't something I had quite considered happening when I first taught myself html, or something that really was happening when I set it aside. Thank you all for visiting. I do hope you like what's here, despite the layout I never did get around to renovating. Ironically enough for an X-Files page, my list of Hamlet quotes seems to be getting the most attention. I'll see what I can do about an actual update sometime. I've been busy fixing the code for The Fangirl's Freehold (see notes below), but those pages should run themselves for the most part. Well, well, well...

January 20, 2004 -- The Fangirl's Freehold is now up on Keenspace. Go! formenos.keenspace.com. I will stop hosting it here, and the space will be converted into an informational fan site. Enjoy.

December 7, 2003 -- My first update in years... I am temporarily hosting a webcomic, The Fangirl's Freehold. It's the bottom link on my Contents list. Six episodes have been scanned so far, with more coming as soon as they can be inked.

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A friend of mine started a webcomic, which I will be hosting here until she gets her own space. Just click on the Fangirl's Freehold link below.

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