It's Jenn Daniels!

Hello and welcome to my webpage! I'm going to redo just about everything, since I have no idea when I last looked at this page... at least two years, since I was still calling myself Jenn WARREN!

One page that I won't be altering, because it took forever for me to do, and unless I misremember, it looks pretty good, is the page I made of my three week trip to England.

For now, about me, I suppose, you could look at this place: LiveJournal
Information about me. I'm 25 years old. I'm married to a wonderful man named Dustin, we got married on August 16, 2003, during the East Coast blackout! Since we got married in Missouri, you wouldn't have thought it would be a big deal, but my family is from New York, as were all my bridesmaids except one! My father drove to Pennsylvania at 2am in order to catch a 6am flight out to Missouri in order to make it to my wedding and walk me down the aisle!

I'm a fourth year veterinary student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I have two dogs, four cats, lots of fish, collect dragons, books, swords and love mythology.

Yoda - West Highland White Terrier
Chewbacca - Cairn Terrier
Phil - my fiance's old (15y) cat, white and cream
Kira - DMH soft gray and pastel orange, named for the female gelfling in The Dark Crystal.
Poe - DMH brown tiger, named Po after the Hawaiian feminine aspect of earth and night, with the E so, as Dustin puts it, "People don't call her Pooh."
Ripley - DSH cream tiger, named after Ellen Ripley. Dustin found her on the side of the road as a baby. Someone threw her out of a car window, her little face was all bruised. So, he called her "a survivor".
Some of the Fish: Cattie-Brie and Wulfgar are calico fantails, Drizzt (the second) is a black moor and we have a Pwent the Pleco.
Anubis is no longer with us anymore. He was a little black cat. He was named after the Egyptian god that is also the guardian of the dead and one of the three judges of your soul. And I have a feeling that he's giving good ol' Anubis the God a run for his money right about now.
My photogallery. It's old, there haven't been new pictures added to it since 1998, but hey... they're still pictures!


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