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A note from Babyler: The main purpose of this site is to attract new Lexx viewers.
Therefore, in writing the descriptions of the Lexx introduction and characters I have tried not to give any major spoilers although some minor ones are present.
Lexx's Intro!"I am the Lexx" Kai's Intro!

"I am the most powerful The Clusters Cobol Stadium weapon of destruction in the two universes. I was grown on "The Cluster" which is ruled Stanley Tweedleby "His Shadow". The food was good there. My Captain is Stanley Tweedle. I blow up planets for him. Stanley used to be a security guard class four on the Cluster until he became a fugitive. He is my captain now Thodin the Arch Hereticbecause he got my key from heretics who wanted Zev Before, fat and ugly!Zev After, beautiful!to steal me, but he was the one who took me away. Stan was helped by Zev of B3K. She was made into a love slave as punishment for failing to perform her Zev, sometimes not nice!wifely duties but things went wrong. Now she is part Cluster lizard so sometimes she is not a nice lady.
A robot head, 790, Kai, (forget it ladies...he's dead)
got part of the love slave transformation that was meant for her. He is in my crew too. Because she is a love slave, Zev likes men, except for Stanley Tweedle. The only other 790 with love in his eyes!man on board is Kai, last of the Brunnen G, but he's dead so he can't make Zev happy. Two thousand years ago, Kais planet was destroyed by his shadow and all of his Brunnen G Stingerspeople were killed. They kept Kais Kai retreives his memories.body and used him as an assassin but he got his memory back from a Devine Predecessor and then he became part of my crew. The Time Prophet Time Prophets Intro!said that Kai Kais home planet under attack from His Shadow.would destroy His Shadows Order but that will be hard because his protoblood is running out Kai-cicle!and he must stay inside a very cold box. My crew are afraid of his shadow, the ruler of the Light Universe. His shadow wants me back and he wants his divine predecessors back too but he especially wants Kai destroyed because he is afraid of May His Shadow fall upon you!the prophecy. Zev and KaiLexx emerges from the Fractal Core into the Dark Zoneand Stan don't want that. They took me beyond his shadows reach through a fractal core to the Dark Zone, the universe of evil and chaos. And now we're looking for a new home."

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