Earth 2 Chats

Being the social creatures we are, people have always gathered together to discuss our common interests. Whether it be at the dinner table, the water cooler, or in groups at a party, casual chatting is a favorite way to catch up on the news of the day. With the advent of the internet, the groups have gone global, but the chat remains the same. Whether discussing the latest breakthroughs in medicine or the latest episode of Seinfeld, people still gather . . . just to talk.

There are various ways to chat online with Earth 2 fans. Some chat rooms are open only during regularly scheduled times and some are open 24/7/52. No matter where you are on Earth 1, you can almost always find someone to chat with about Earth 2!

The current Earth 2 chat rooms are:

Earth 2 Fans Chat Room on WWW

One of of most popular chat rooms is the Earth 2 Fans Chat Room at the Webchat Broadcasting System on the WWW. You must register with WBS to gain access to the chat room . . . but the good news is that it's free! Go to the Webchat Broadcasting System website to register. From there, you can following the links (Entertainment/TV/Earth 2 Fans Chat) to the chat room. Or, once you are registered, go directly to the Earth 2 Fans Chat room. Though the room is open 24 hours a day, there are several regularly scheduled chat times:

Sunday through Friday - 7PM ET/4PM PT
Saturday - 6PM ET/3PM PT

Contact Nancy or Lizzie for more information.

Earth 2 AOL Chat

The Grendler Bar and Grille on AOL is the original Earth 2 chat room. Chats are held every Thursday at 9PM ET/6PM PT. For more information contact Vicky Nickerson, the owner of the TGB&G.

Earth 2 Chat on IRC

Though IRC chatting has been around for some time, the Earth 2 IRC chat room is the newest E2 chat room to open. Chats are held every Sunday at 10:30PM ET/7:30PM PT. Contact Kath Tate for information.

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