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Some 200 years in the future, Earth has become polluted to the point that most inhabitants have evacuated into space to live on "the Stations." These stations were so sterile that it was believed to cause a condition known as the Syndrome which was spreading among many of the children. It was believed that unless a natural environment was found, the human race would die out. Devon Adair had reason to find such a planet . . . her son has the Syndrome. Gathering 250 families with children similarly afflicted, Devon determined to set up a colony at New Pacifica on Planet G889. Unfortunately, a branch of the government known as The Council had other plans for G889. Unable to stop Devon from leaving the stations, they sabotaged the advance ship, causing the crew to evacuate. Crash landing on the other side of the planet, the surviving members of Eden Advance had to journey hundreds of kilometers to New Pacifica. Time was of the essence. In two years the colony ship would arrive expecting a fully functioning community. Little did Devon and her crew know the perils that stood in their way . . .

This is Earth 2. Featuring an award-winning cast and crew that surpassed most television shows, it was prematurely cancelled by short-sighted studio executives in the spring of 1995.

However . . .

Earth 2 LIVES.....

Earth 2 lives on in the hearts of its many fans . . . people that were drawn to the show for many reasons. Some are science fiction fans and will give any sci-fi show a chance. Some wanted to see a favorite actor regardless of the show's genre. Some just had nothing else to do on a Sunday evening. Whatever the reason, we all quickly discovered the uniqueness of Earth 2 and how special it was. Earth 2 fandom is dedicated to the premise that the journey will continue.

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