Earth 2 Links

Earth 2 fans all over the world express their love of E2 in many ways. Nowhere is that more evident than on the World Wide Web. Earth 2 sites are everywhere. Some, like mine, are part of the fan's homepage. Others are dedicated E2 pages. And still others are "cast page" dedicated to a particular Earth 2 actor. For a look into the hearts of Earth 2 fans, you only have to check out their webpages.

Earth 2 Dedicated Websites

The following are websites celebrating Earth 2. Most are dedicated to Earth 2 in general. Some are dedicated to a particular character. Some are part of a bigger, personal website. They are all written and maintained by fans solely for the pleasure of sharing Earth 2.

Earth2:Eden Advance - Home Page of the Earth 2:Eden Advance Fan Club

New PacifiCon 2000 - Home of E2:EA's 3rd Fan-run Earth 2 Convention

Destination New Pacifica

Destiny and Earth 2

The Definitive Earth 2 Picture Archive NEW!

Earth 2: A Gaian Hypothesis

Earth 2 - Cafe Pacifica

Earth 2 Fan Home Page

Earth 2 Picture Page

Earth 2, The Greatest Show Ever

Earth 2: The Journey of a Lifetime

Earth 2: This Time We Are The Aliens - German language Earth 2 site

Eden Project

The Gryphon's Gateway NEW!

Journey To New Pacifica

Bettina's Earth 2 Page

ChazmanB's Earth 2 Page

CJ's Earth 2 Home Page

Danni's Earth 2 Story Page

Elizabeth's Earth 2 Page

Greg's Earth 2 Page

Mike Vitale's Earth 2 Page: Welcome Back to Planet G889!

Nancy's Earth 2 Page

Rebecca's Earth 2 Page

Trina's Earth 2 Page

Earth 2 Cast and Crew Websites

The following are websites dedicated to a particular actor from Earth 2. They contain information about the actors career and personal life. They frequently contain information about future appearances. Check them out often so you don't miss seeing your favorite.

Clancy Brown
Clancy Brown Website

Tim Curry
The Complete Tim Curry
The Tim Curry "Links" Page

Debrah Farentino
Mind Over Matter: A Debrah Farentino Site

Rebecca Gayheart
The Unofficial Rebecca Gayheart Homepage
Hommage Rebecca Gayheart
Bettina's Earth 2 Page

John Wollner (formerly Gegenhuber)
The "JW" Page (The Official John Wollner Website) NEW!

Kevin Pike
Filmtrix, Inc.

Antonio Sabato, Jr.
The Antonio Sabato, Jr., Crossroads

Jessica Steen
The Jessica Steen Page

Other Websites of Interest toEarth 2 Fans

FANDATA's Fandom Directory

Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion - Contains an Earth 2 bulletin board where you can talk about Earth 2 and post the latest E2 fandom information

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