The Earth 2 Online Mailing Lists

Online mailing lists consist of groups of people with a common interest (and an email account!). Subscribing to a list brings together people sharing common ideas, ideals, and goals in a way that was never possible without the internet.

No sooner had Earth 2 aired than the mailing lists formed. Starting on the MCA Earth 2 website, they soon outgrew that forum to the one we enjoy today. Managed by our "list-mom", Alicia Brown-Ashtiani, E2 fans all over the world join together to discuss, lament, laugh at, and celebrate the show that we refuse to let die.

Do you want to know the latest on bringing E2 back to the air and what's being done to make sure it happens? Do you want to know what your favorite cast or crew member is up to now? Do you want to read some original stories based on E2? Do you want to meet some of the most interesting people you will ever come in contact with? The Earth 2 online mailing lists are the best way to do so.

There are three main Earth 2 online mailing lists:

The Earth 2 Discussion List: This is where most of the action is. We discuss plots, characters, and what could have been. You can get the most current information about what's new with Earth 2 as well as the latest happenings with the cast and crew. Do you have any kind of question about E2? This is the place to get the answer!

The Earth 2 Fan Fiction List: This is where E2 fan fiction is posted. We have some of the most talented writers in any fan fiction genre who put some of the most imaginative and provocative twists on the Earth 2 story.

The Earth 2 Humor List: Let your imagination run wild and get crazy with your fellow E2 fans!

To join any of the Earth 2 Online Mailing Lists send an email to and ask for subscription information or subscribe online at Stargame.

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