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Robyn and I are applying as a team for overseas teaching positions. Robyn is applying as a K-3 teacher and I am applying as a technology and mathematics teacher. Robyn and I have both been teaching for four years, including two in public schools in California and the last two in a bilingual school in China. We love our current jobs, but are eager to experience a new culture.

Robyn and I have been married for seven years, and have no dependents. Robyn and I are Australian and US citizens respectively. We are both credentialed in California (Robyn: Elementary Education, Keir: Elementary Education, Computer, Math, Science). Between the two of us, we have been living the last twelve years in Asia, North America, Australia and Egypt.The only thing we love more than living abroad is teaching!

Teaching is the best job in the world! Currently Robyn is teaching Kindergarten and I am teaching 'Computer'. In the past Robyn has also taught grades 3, 4 and 5. I have taught 8th grade Science, 8th and 9th grade Math (including Algebra) and Computer classes from grade 3 to grade 12 (including Advanced Computer Networking). We are both currently working towards our Masters degrees. Robyn is studying a Masters of Education from Michigan State University with specializations in reading and special education. I am pursuing a Masters of Science in Computer Information Science from Regis University in Denver.

We can be contacted at keirobyn@yahoo.com for any inquiries or additional information such as contact information for references - we look forward to hearing from you! (Click here for our contact information.)

Keir and Robyn

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