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** Due to requires of members we will make pay out daily from Monday to Friday**

 (Monday paid out will include Saturday and Sunday earning)

 (Start from 10 June 2005 )


Ocean Net Gold is a Gold building program. This program was started as a email only participation program. But due to the response of the members, we have created a website for them to advertise instead of sending out emails.

Ocean Net Gold is proud to be one of the most trusted, honest and Instantly-Paying program offering wide range abilities of passive income for customers all around the world. Due to growing demand of our customers, new V.I.P. money making plans have been added to our program.

By participating in the Program, you will receive a payout Every Friday (GMT time). You decide the amount that you want to receive by the amount that you contribute. The more you contribute, the more you will receive. The total amount you receive will be * 200% to 400% * of your initial contribution. Spend Here..

Do it again! You may participate daily. You may spend anywhere from $5 (minimum) up to $5000 (maximum) each time, BUT it must be in $5 increments. Any spend not meeting these requirements will be forfeited and deposited in the refund pool.

Sponsoring is not required, but rewarded. For each member you sponsor, you will receive an sponsorship bonuses every time they make spending. You will receive 5% on their total spending.




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