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Make spend to this E-Gold account No:


200% Deposits $5 to $200

3% daily interest until you get 200%


300% Deposits $205 to $500

4% daily interest until you get 300%


400% Deposits $505 to $5000

5% daily interest until you get 400%


** Due to requires of members we will make pay out daily from Monday to Friday**

(Monday paid out will include Saturday and Sunday earning)


The minimum spend is $5 and the maximum spend is $5000. Your spend must be in $5 increments up to $5000.

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You can earn 5% directly to your e-gold account, for each member you refer. Put referral e-gold account at memo. Referral commissions are credited to your e-gold account within 24 hours, and you must have made an investment with us in order to collect referral commissions.


By participating in the Ocean Net Gold program you agree not to hold admin responsible for any losses that you may experience. By submitting a spend indicates that you have read the complete site and understand how the program functions. As the program has taken extra measures to prevent these losses they can still occur. Play responsibly, enjoy the fun. This program is designed for member amusement and entertainment.