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         Ocean Net Gold and their Business Opportunities are open to all.

         Ocean Net Gold reserves the right to refuse payouts to a member when a spend are made suspect to tampering with the e-gold batch number system.

         All information received will be kept completely confidential.

         There is no membership fee and purchase required before making a spend.

         The minimum spend is US$5; the maximum is US$5000. Funds MUST be available in your e-gold account in order to spend.

         When a player makes a spend to a Ocean Net Gold account, they will be restricted in regards to withdrawal. Any payment to an Ocean Net Gold account is final and non refundable

         Pay-outs will be received in the form of e-gold transaction only

         Management reserves the right to revise all rules and regulations subject to sufficient notice to the players.

         Management reserves the right to limit and/or refuse any spend.

         There will be no refunds after an official spend has been placed.

         All spend must be made and accepted before the advertised start time of the game/event/day spend. Each Game/Event/Day will begin at 12 A.M. GMT. Any spend placed or received after the official start time of the game/event wagered will be placed as a spend in the following days game.

         Ocean Net Gold will make every effort to pay out on every Friday, however, unforeseen circumstances my prevent the timely payout of E-Gold and players accept that there may be delays due to uncontrollable circumstances.

         There is no guarantee implied or otherwise that players will be paid winnings for every wager or game they play.


Please Note:

By participating in the Ocean Net Gold program you agree not to hold admin responsible for any losses that you may experience. By submitting a spend indicates that you have read the complete site and understand how the program functions. As the program has taken extra measures to prevent these losses they can still occur. Play responsibly, enjoy the fun. This program is designed for member amusement and entertainment.