Ancient Astrological Concepts for Describing the Night Skies



Definition: The concepts which were are used to understand the different positions and movements of the stars and planets as seen from Earth. These are our modern names for concepts that originated in early human civilizations, notably that of Babylonia in the first and second millennia BC.


01:   360º Circle 
02:   Celestial Equator 
03:   Celestial Sphere 
04:   Change in Position of the Solstitial and Equinoctial Points 
05:   Ecliptic 
06:   Heliacal Risings and Settings 
07:  Meridian 
08:  North Celestial Pole 
09:  Planets [The] 
10:  Pole Star 
11:  South Celestial Pole 
12  The Stars 
13:  Star Rise / Star Set 
14:  Tropic of Cancer 
15:  Tropic of Capricorn 
16:  Zenith 
17:  Zodiac 

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