Astrological View Points - Views from the Earth



Definition: The views of the heavens which underpin astrology.

1:   Ascendant   
2:   Aspects   
3:   Heliacal Risings and Settings   
4:   Lunar Eclipse   
5:  Lunar Nodes   
6:  Lunar Phases   
7:  Midheaven   
8:  Moon in a Sign   
9:  Planet in a Sign   
10:  Pole Star   
11:  Retrograde    
12:  Solar Eclipse   
13:  Sun in a Sign   
14:  Tropical Year   
The earth's spin and it's movement around the sun, all contribute to how we see the heavens as astrologers.


The spin of the Earth and its orbit around the Sun all contribute to the illusion of the movement of the stars and the Sun through the sky.

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