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Articles | Bibliographies & Books | Courses & Syllabi

Association of Women in Slavic Studies
Publishes the Women East-West newsletter and runs the AWSS-L list; other activities include a mentoring program and a bibliography.

Study Group on Women and Gender in Russia and East-Central Europe
at the Centre for Russian and East European Studies, University of Birmingham; organized by Linda Edmondson, Melanie Ilic, and Hilary Pilkington.

Russian Women Today
Online language learning module by the American Council for the Teachers of Russian: "interactive modules that teach Russian through the views of a pop singer, a politician, and a writer". Visitors have to register, but access is free of charge.

Women's Battalion of Death Discussion (March 1996)
Archived discussion thread from the H-WOMEN list, supplemented by a bibliography.

Double Lives: Women Writing in the Russian Tradition Symposium at Berkeley in 1996.

Warrior Women of the Russian Steppes
A summary of Berkeley scientist Jeannine Davis-Kimball's Archaeology magazine article on excavations near Pokrovka in southern Russia. Amazons or not? More information on this topic can be found at CSEN (Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads).


Cyber-Jouissance: A Sketch For A Politics Of Pleasure
by Irina Aristarkhova. An attempt "to outline a politics of pleasure for/as Russian (cyber)feminist(s)."

Articles by Anna Rotkirch, University of Helsinki, including:

Gender Character of Technological Innovations
Vitalina Koval studies women and men at a Moscow factory in the early 1990s, after the introduction of new technology.

Changes in the Everyday Activities of Rural Women in Russia from the 1970s to the 1990s - available as an Acrobat PDF file on the World Bank website.

Women of the "sandwich" generation and multiple roles: the case of Russian immigrants of the 1990s in Israel. Larissa I. Remennick (Sex Roles, March 1999)

Love and Tears in Russia: An Ethnographic Approach to the Study of Socialization of Gender Roles and Gender Relationships in Contemporary Urban Russia. By David Lempert, Harvard University Ukrainian Research Institute.

Scientific Contribution of Women in Soviet Radio Astronomy [Acrobat PDF file, 73Kb]
Covers the period 1979-91. Paper presented by Tatiana Smirnova at a conference on women in astronomy, September 1992. With accompanying illustrations.

Women and Libraries in Ryazan
paper presented at IFLA conference in August 1996 by Lyudmilla Pronina, on the information services provided to women by the libraries of the Ryazan region. Feminist perspective.

BASEES 2001 Online Papers
from a conference held at Fitzwilliam College Cambridge, U.K.
These documents are Acrobat PDF files. You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

A Feminist Reading of the Novel Sad by Nina Sadur
Karin Sarsenov (Lunds Universitet, Sweden) summarises her thesis on the work of Moscow author Nina Sadur.

The Russian Anti-Oedipus: Petrushevskaya's The Three Girls in Blue
by Dr. Slobodanka Millicent Vladiv-Glover, Monash University, Australia

Gender and Genre in Pavlova's A Double Life - Article by Diana Greene about the writer Karolina Pavlova (1807-1893), in the Slavic Review, Fall 1995.

Engaging Sexual Demons in Marina Tsvetaeva's Devil: the body and the genesis of the woman poet. By Pamela Chester (Slavic Review, Winter 1994)

The Philosophy of Sex and Gender in Russia - conference paper by Olga Voronina of the Moscow Center for Gender Studies.

Sexuality and Politics in Russia, 1700-2000 - by Igor Kon, Russia's most famous sexologist.

The Five-Year Plan for Women's Labour: Constructing Socialism and the 'Double Burden', 1930-1932. By Thomas G. Schrand (Europe-Asia Studies, December 1999)

Mothers in the Motherland: Stalinist Pronatalism in its Pan-European Context. By David L. Hoffmann (Journal of Social History, Fall 2000)

The Russian Post-Emancipation Household: Two Villages in the Moscow Area
Master thesis in History by Herdis Kolle, University of Bergen, Norway: substantial material here on the peasant family in 19th-century Russia.

Women in Russian History: from early times to the Revolution
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 By Maria Kotovskaya, Center for Ethnographic Research at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Russia's Demographic "Crisis"
Full-text articles arising from a RAND conference in 1995: topics covered include demography, fertility decline, family planning, abortion, mortality, life expectancy, health care.

Women in Russia: second half of the 19th century till the 1930s - student paper written by Guergana Gougoumanova for a European Studies course at Mount Holyoake College.

Russian Women and the Domostroi - student paper written by Guergana Gougoumanova at Mount Holyoake College.


Bibliographies and Books

If you're looking for a hard-copy bibliography, try this one:
Ruthchild, Rochelle G. Women in Russia and the Soviet Union: An Annotated Bibliography. G. K. Hall, New York, 1993. (875 entries)

Bibliography of Russian Women's History
comprehensive unannotated bibliography split into 14 topics. Everything from pre-Petrine to post-perestroika! Compiled by Prof. Matthew Payne of Temple University, 1998.

Female Russian Peasants Bibliography from the H-Women list archives, 1998.

Medieval Women and Family
section of An Annotated Bibliography of Slavic and EE Medievalist Sources.

Bibliography of Russian Women's Studies 1996
archived from the H-RUSSIA list, compiled by "Christine".

Nina Sadur
works by and about this Moscow author, compiled by Karin Sarsenov. Also includes a list of general English-language books and articles about Russian women.

Catherine the Great: Annotated Bibliography
Descriptions of 14 books and articles, written by Melissa Toscani, 1998.

The Slavic and East European Studies Collection at the University of Chicago Library provides useful acquisitions lists in the areas of Women and the Family and Works of Russian Women Authors. Thanks to June Pachuta Farris, Bibliographer for Slavic and East European Studies.

Book descriptions available online


Courses and Syllabi

Russian Women: Myth and Reality
detailed syllabus and reading list for course taught by Prof. Catharine Nepomnyashchy at Columbia University. Explores changing roles and images of women in Russia from the beginnings of Russian history to the present.

Post-Soviet Society Through Gender and Women's Issues
This course explores the constructions of gender and the impact of political change on gender relations in post-Soviet society. Full syllabus and reading list. Taught by Elena Gapova at the University of Illinois.

Mother Russia: Femininity in Russian culture
"The religion of the mothers and the myth of Russia as a common mother together embody what is perhaps the central mystery of Russian people. Russians' vision of their soul, in terms of the sexual imagery, is feminine." Syllabus and reading list for course taught by Tatiana Spektor at Iowa State University.

Russia's Women and Changing Images of Women in Russian Culture
courses taught by Madhu Malik at Bucknell University, looking at folklore, the writings of feminist theoreticians and social activists and literature by and about women.

Women in Russia 1825-2000
course at Wesleyan University covering women in Russian literature and society.

Women in Russian and Soviet History
syllabus and lecture outlines for a course taught by Professor Donald J. Raleigh at the University of North Carolina.

Sex and Gender in Russian Culture
syllabus for course taught by Prof. Eliot Borenstein at NYU.

Women and Revolution in 19th-Century Russia
syllabus and reading list for course taught by Richard Lewis and Chris Jazwinski at St Cloud State University.

Women, Culture and History in Russia
course taught by Irina Novikova at the Christina Institute for Women's Studies, University of Helsinki.

Representations of Gender in Russian (Soviet/post-Soviet) Films
course taught by Irina Novikova at the Christina Institute for Women's Studies, University of Helsinki.

Women Writing in Russian course at Sarah Lawrence College.

Readings in Russian Women's History and 20th Century Russian Women's History
course outlines for subjects at Oberlin College, taught by Heather Hogan.

Program on Gender and Culture at the Central European University, Hungary.

Program of Gender Studies
list of courses offered by the European University at St. Petersburg.

Sexuality and Feminism in Russia
taught by Yelaina Kripkov and Oleg Kripkov at the University of Oregon.

Gender and Sexuality in Russian Culture
Covering pre-Revolutionary Russia, the Soviet Union, and post-Soviet Russia. Taught by Prof. Kevin Moss at Middlebury College.

Women in Societies and Cultures of the Former Soviet Union
Course looking at the socially constructed images of women in Russia from Kievan Rus to the creation and demise of the New Soviet Woman. Presented by Jane Knox-Voina at Bowdoin College.

Women in Eastern Europe: Images of Women in Film
Syllabus for a course at the University of Texas, run by Dina Iordanova. Includes Russian films from 1920s to Little Vera.

Women in Russian Literature and Culture
taught by Teresa Polowy at the University of Arizona.

Russian Women Authors (in Translation)
syllabus and reading list for course taught by Sibelan Forrester at Swarthmore College.

Women and Gender in Russia and Eastern Europe - taught by Prof. Diane Koenker at the University of Illinois.

Russian Women's Writing
a half-year course taught in English by Dr A. Smith at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Superfluous Men, Superior Women
Heroes and heroines in 19th-century Russian literature; taught by J. Givens at the University of Rochester.

Russian Women Writers: 19th and 20th centuries
brief description of course taught in English by Dr. Lyubomira Parpulova at Ohio State University, Winter 1999.

Issues of Gender in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature taught by Joe Andrew at Keele University, UK.

Women in Russia: Broken Promises taught at Dartmouth College.

See also women's/gender studies courses at Russian universities
(the descriptions and web pages are in Russian).

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