An answer to a prayer, Glorious was born out of an intense dream to alter the traditionally conceived notions of harmony singing. Seven years have seen Glorious present over seventy concerts, and through them shatter the forbidding myths that seemed to accompany choral music. Their concerts proved that choral music could be fun too, and that it now ran the range from rock and roll to reggae to rap. 'Glorious' is not an adjective describing the choir or the music they perform. Their name Glorious is derived from the verse that reads 'Blessing and Honour, Glory and Power be unto the Lord - Come and let us make His Praise - GLORIOUS'.

First things first, they are not an entertainment an troupe, nor do they consider themselves a professional choir. They may sing off key and they don't always follow prescribed techniques. What they do try to promote though, is the concept that choral singing can be fun. That harmony exists more in the mind than in the voice. That their music could be used to get the Word across to a generation who staple diet seems to be Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Smashed Pumplins and Vanilla Ice.

They have had concerts in various Churches like the Richmond Town & Koramangala Methodist Church, Ascension Church (Kottayam), Emmanuel Method Church (Madras), Destitute Home, Marthoma Church, (Madras), and various schools and institutes like Old Age Home, Christ Church, (Tiruvananthapuram), Bethany Opportunity School, Marthoma Opportunity School, Y.M.C.A.(Kollam), Abala Ashraya Sangha, Yuvanita, CCCYC, Provision India, Baldwin Opportunity School, Karnataka Evangelistic Association.

Glorious Today - 1996: Anjana Dilshree, Annett Shuddhappa, Antonet John, A. Tony, Asha Cherian, Joy Mary Philip, Karuna Rabinder, Kavitha David, Miriam Thomas, Natasha Pinto, Preeti Mascarenhas, Reshma D'Silva, Sangita Sathyaraj, Shalini Subramanian, Tracy Doute . * . Carol Menezes, Deepica Nath, Ester Chandy, Jennifer Wright, Jessy Prabhakar, Kirupa Collison, Priya Mendens, Sahana Arun Kumar. * . Bruce Lee Mani, Christopher R, Daniel Christopher, Jeevan Sathyaraj, Lohitash Karumbaiah, Philip K. Mathai, Prashanth Soans, Prithvi Jayakaran, Solomon T, Sunil Chandy. * . Ajit Abraham, Archie Menezes, Dominic Satur, Henry Gabriel, Jaideep Jesudoss, Joshu Prabhakar, Roshann Chandy. * . Ebenezer Moses, Eugene Titus, Herbert Paul, Vivek Menzel. * . Preetam Koilpillai. * . Reji Eapen Chandy.

This year, 1996, they proudly presented the Fourth Glorious Festival of Harmony ( in aid of CRY - Child Relief and You ), an event which brings together like-minded music groups. The 23 troupes featured presented a repertoire that highlighted their belief that choral music need not necessarily be boring and old fashioned.

Some of the Choirs that participated: The Bangalore Male Voice Ensemble, Bethany High School, Christ College, Jyothi Nivas College, The Tabernacle Quartet, The Revelations, Bishop Cotton Boy's High School, Madras Christian College, St. Bartholomew's Orchestra (Mysore), Sophia High School Band, Southern Asia Bible College, Bishop Cotton Girl's High School, New Covenant Singers (Madras), Sardis, Bangalore Musical Association, Baldwin Girls High School, East Parade Church, The Vellore Euphony, Mount Carmel College, St. Mary's Orthodox Church, National Law School, and ofcourse Glorious.

The choir Glorious is conducted by Reji Chandy who is supported by his wife Esther.

Earlier in the year.... Via Dolorosa - The way of suffering was our contribution to the Easter season, featuring selections from The Messiah and contemporary Lenten Music. This was an Audio-Visual presentation with choreographed songs and an Indian Classical dance interpretation of the crucifixion.

The Glorious conducted and sponsored an event at United Theological College ( U.T.C. ) called the Musicamp '96, where various age groups were given music training in the option they wanted. It was an edeavour to make a continued musical experience available to the time pressed average individual who had the inclination but not the opportunity to build onn his inherent talents. This 3 day residential camp held at the U.T.C. in May, gave vocational guidance in music, solved music problems, helped make better music and harmony. Leading musicians held master classes in different areas of music. The general focus was on vocals, piano, guitar, strinngs, percussion, wind organ, theory off music and computer aided music lessons. Over 200 delegates from all over South India aged 4 to 64 participated. Through fellowship - the trademark of Glorious - Musicamp'96 offered the chance of a lifetime to meet other similarly motivated youngsters to discover together the unity of minds through music.

The Leaders at Musicamp '96: Alan Rego (guitar), Arun Andrew (guitar, guest lecture), Ashley W. Joseph (Jazz Piano), David Culross (composing, arranging), Prof. David Sebastian (Pipe Organ), Deepak Pravin (keyboards), Dominic Roy (Drums), Eugine Titus (Sequencer, Jingles), Hari. B (guitar), Herbert Paul (guitar), Jeffrey Pope (drums), Narayan N. (Theory of Music & wind instruments), Nirmala Mathan (vocals, guest lecture), Preetam Koilpillai (piano), Prem Marthandan (synthesizer), Roberto Narian (drums, guest lecture), Rohit Menezes (piano), Santosh Gnanakan (guitar), Rev. Sugu J. Chandy (recorder), Sujith Mathew (vocals), Surendra Kumar D. (computer - aided music), Dr. Thomas Chandy (Instrruments, guest lecture), Vera Sequeira (vocals).

Dat Old Time Religion was a series of even-song services in the Black Gospel tradition running to packed churches.

Glorious had their Glorious Christmas Program from November 30 to December 1st 1996 at Bangalore, then went on to Glorious in Concert at the Tata Theater, Bombay (Mumbai) from December 14 - 16 , 1996.

'Behold The Man', is a Cantata, Written, Composed & Accompanied (on keyboards & panio) by Preetam Koilpillai, Directed by Reji Eapen Chandy, and presented by Glorious. There is choreography that goes with the music. The Cantata is based on the last days of Christ on Earth. From the Tape, the following are the songs: Praise ( Palm Sunday Song - Choir), Jesus - The Debate* (Dancers, sung by Prabhhu & Priya), The Love (Soloist - Arupa Gnanakan), Stand Up and Walk (Soloist - Brian Carvalho), The Only One for Us* (Mary Magdalene - Radhika Nair), The House of Prayerr* (Soloists - Noel Shatananda, Kirupa Collison, Sushi Kurian, Wng.Cdr. P.K. Kurian, Anand Raj), Thank You Lord (Jairus' Daughter - Gina Maryanne Chandy), Compassion-Mercy* (Dancers - Jacob Verghese & Shashi Kala), Will He Die (Mary - Priya Mendens ), His Blood Be On Us (Dancers - Priya, Prabhu, Stephen, Michelle, Sathyan, Shashi, Ana), Procession (Instrumental), Crucifixion (Instrumental), Silence (Peter - Jaideep), Behold The Man* ( Soloist - Reji Chandy), Is It True ( Mary Magdalene - Radhika Nair), Resurrection (Lyrics - Preetam Koilpillai). Music has a lot of variation, and moves from Rock through Classical. Preetam Koilpillai composes all except (*), which lyrics were by Elizabeth Easter, Esther Chandy.

The Fifth Glorious Festival of Harmony

Location: St. Joseph's Indian High School Auditorium, Bangalore Participating Groups:

Come As You Are

Location: Guru Nanak Bhavan, Bangalore. A musical playact.

GLORIOUS, C/o SWICON Pvt. Ltd., B-10, H.M.T. Estate, Bangalore 560 031, Phone: 91 080 3530421 or 91 080 5570049 or FAX: 91 080 5483049 , 91 080 8396868. email: Glorious

Thanks to Priya Mendens of Glorious and Sydney Mendens for the information. If you want more updates and photos, please send a mail to Regi. He has promised to send me many times, but forgets!! Ron

"Into His House" - A praise and worship concert, will be performed by Glorious on Saturday 27th March and Sunday 28th March 1999, at the Guru Nanak Bhavan.
From : Glorious glorious Sent : Monday, October 17, 2005 9:55 AM
Dear friends,
Greetings in His most Holy Name.
Just writing to let you know about the church services that we will be ministering at, in the coming weeks.
Please try and come to worship with us:
23rd October, 2005 - Sunday - Indira Nagar Methodist Church, 100 ft Road, Indira Nagar - 9.30 AM
30th October, 2005 - Sunday - Richmond Town Methodist Church Kingston Street, Richmond Town - 6.00 PM
Esther and Reji Chandy
Kindly circulate this invitation, Thank you

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