Mount Carmel College , Bangalore, India

Fifty Golden Years, 1948 - 1998

Wishing all the Students and Old Girls of Mount Carmel College a Blessed New and a Joyful College Year 2003-2004-2005 from Ronnie , Maisy, Andrew and Joanne. Please note that this site has not been updated for quite some time. For Admissions please go to the 'Official' Page of Mount Carmel College. Thanks!

This is the First " Semi-'Official'-Unofficial!" Home Page of Mount Carmel College ... but you can also go the the " Official Web Page of Mount Carmel College " also, and you can send mail to the " Official Mount Carmel College E-mail " too!!

History of the College

Mount Carmel College for Women ( known around Bangalore as MCC ), run by the Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa, founded in 1948 to meet the increasing demand for women's education in India, is a Minority Institution run primarily for Catholic students but in the spirit of service it opens its doors to those of all castes and creeds. It draws its inspiration from the Person and Teaching of Jesus Christ, Universal Master and Model of Education.

Even as India celebrated those first heady months of Freedom in 1948, one institution was gearing up to foster independent thinking amoung young women. Even as India was rallying to the cry of equal opportunity for all, one institution was encouraging a spirit of tolerance, integrity and unity by admitting students irrespective of caste and creed. Even as India was launching programmes aimed at uplifting the deprived, one institution was providing subsidized education for the economically backward and handicapped. This Institution was Mount Carmel College, which started with only 50 students.

Initially affiliated to Mysore University, it became an affiliated College of the Bangalore University which was established in the year 1964. Honours Courses were started in 1961 and offered till 1974 when the Bangalore University decided to abolish them. The College has been offering Pre-University Degree courses in Arts, Science and Commerce. Results have always been very good with students securing ranks ( nearly 40% of the first ten ranks and 35% of the first 100 ranks in each of the Faculties), first classes, University and State scholarships, prizes and gold medals. It's strength in 1949 was 200. Today it is 3,800.

As a major step, the College established an Institute of Management Studies in the year 1988 with a view of providing men and women the opportunity of continuing their studies. The two-year Post Graduate Programme in Management is recognised by the 'All India Council of Technical Education' ( AICTE ). Mount Carmel Institute of Management is one of the few 'all women' institutions in the country. The Institute has been attracting young, bright, enthusiastic students since its inception in the year 1988. The rich harvest that a Management student reaps is the result of a carefully monitored diet-a-feast of subjects which specialisation in Marketing, Personnel and Finance flavoured by an excellent Management backing and a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Modern, innovative subjects like Business Management, Computer Science, Microbiology, Journalism, Environmental Science, Electronics, Communicative English, Travel & Tourism, Nutrition and Dietetics are today offered and pursued in addition to the traditional Arts, Science and Commerce Courses.

Mount Carmel College at a Glance

Fifty-seven spacious classrooms, five large halls, two conference rooms, twenty-six laboratories, two libraries with over 60,000 books and journals, a museum, a 1000-seater auditorium, a studio, a stadium with a 200 meter cinder track, a botanical garden with 2000 plants, a dispensary and a placement cell. All this in a Institution that started from a single crowded building which housed the college, office, hostel, lab, library and convent! And, all this, set amidst lush foliage in the heart of the busy Cantonment area! That's Mount Carmel for you in a nutshell!.

Mission , Aims and Objectives of the College

The specific Mission of Mount Carmel College is the Christian formation of the students, i.e. the training in Christian values. It's aims and objects are to guide youth towards an enriching creativity and love of learning, right attitudes and interests and essential skills. To also cultivate the basic qualities of character and to create an awareness in themselves of the socio-economic needs of the country and of the less privileged, in a spirit of sharing. Mount Carmel also endeavors to work for national and international integration and develop the vision of a better world, and the total objective of the college is to create in the students a deep sense of God and of the Brotherhood of Man.

A 'Special Section' for Old Girls of Mount Carmel College .....

Former Students Association

The F.S.A. is the link between an old student and the college present and future. The college F.S.A. aims at including in its membership list, every student who has once been within the college however long or short the time may have been, but it has a special place in it's heart for students who have completed the full course ion the college and graduated from it. Old members, are requested to contact other old members and send in their updates.

The address is : Former Students Association, Mount Carmel College, 58, Palace Road, Bangalore 560 052, India. Ph: 2261759

or may be addressed to The Principal, Dr. (Sr.) M. Genevive, M.Sc., Ph.D. or Vice Principal, Sr. M. Juanita, M.Sc., M. Phil.

Some Old Students that have made the Roll of Honour

Kiran Mazumdar - Entrepreneurship; Monisha Unni - Film; Margaret Alva - Politics; Nandini Basappa - Basketball; Elvira Britto - Hockey; Devaki Jain - Social Worker; Deanna Symes, Nirmala UUthaiah, Ashwini Nachappa - Athletics; Anusuya V.T. - Triathlon; Shalini Mathias, Pragna Patel - Scientific Research; M.D. Riti - Journalism; Bindu Krishnappa - Skating; Arati Ponnappa - Tennis; Malathi Basappa, Roopa Satyan, Sandhya Chib, Rani Jayaraj - Winners of the "Miss India" Title; Lorraine Verghese, Sangita Rao, Meghna Narayan - Swimming.

There are complaints received from Students that certain areas have not been covered, such as Sports and Games. I do regret that this area is not covered although I did have intentions to do so, but since I have not received any inputs from anyone, I decided that someone else can do the area. I would give a link from this page to anyone who decides to open a page on MCC dedicated specifically to the College, it's activities and sports with regular updates. My deep regrets to all, but please forgive me as I am doing this as part of my "Bangalore Page" which has around 200 topics, and I get no help from anyone for anything, and it is not commercial!! Cheers, Do send me your gripes, but if you all had supported me, then perhaps it could have turned out like the Ronnie

The College Song

Raise we then the joyous shout
"Life to Alma Mater"
Life to each Professor here,
Life to all our comrades dear,
May they leave us never,
May they leave us never.
Blessings on our Mother,
Great Mount Carmel College!
May the years bring her renown
And her children be her crown!
"Amen" to that prayer,
"Amen" to that prayer.

A Message from the Principal

Mount Carmel College is proud to celebrate its Fiftieth Year in 1998. As I look back, a few things stand out like beacons illuminating the passing of the years. The dedication and sacrifice of the original band of Carmelite Sisters who refused to compromise on values. A striving of excellence. That phrase above all else encapsulates our philosophy. Whether it is academics, studies, sports or cultural events, our girls have kept the flag of excellence flying high. A fact that is borne out by the increasing number of trophies that shine in our Trophy Room.

Another area of focus has been the discovery and nurturing of individual personalities and talents. Every activity at Mount Carmel is aimed at encouraging students to develop their inherent strengths and live a fuller, more productive life.

Now, we are all set to serve an even greater number of students. The College has plans to bifurcate. A brand new building will house the proposed Mount Carmel Junior College and a new multipurpose indoor stadium will be built to promote sports and cultural events. But all these dreams will remain mere dreams without your support and encouragement. It is my belief that you will help us provide even better facilities to students, enabling them to reach greater heights.

Sr. M. Genevieve

If you would like to get more information on How You Can Help Mount Carmel College in this Project, you can contact Mrs. Shashi Umesh on Phone or in person betweem IST 10.00 am to 04.00 pm on Ph: 2261759or 2261487

MCC's Phone: 080 2261759 & 080 2286386 and E-mail address, :

(Information and Data from 'Fifty Golden Years' Brochure and 'Calendar' of Mount Carmel College , courtesy Sr. M. Jesuina)

News & Updates

Click here for photos of Rank Holders, PUC 1999

News for All Mount Carmelites out there ....

(- Extract: Advertisment of MCC in Deccan Herald, 7th Feb, 1997 )

Hope to put some of the messages received from Mount Carmel Old Girls.

Courtesy Offer from Bangalore Walla!

Mount Carmel Golden Jubilee Celebration

Mount Carmel College, No. 58, Palace Road, Bangalore, India

Symposium Eve & EdEn - July 24 and July 25 1997

The Manager, Principal and Staff of Mount Carmel College Cordially invite you to Eve and EdEn a Symposium on Eve, Education & Environment at the Mount Carmel College Auditorium


Session - I Eve, July 24th 1997 - 1.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

1.30 - 2 p.m. - Registration, 2 p.m. - Invocation

Welcome Address by Dr. Sr. M. Genevieve, Principal, MCC

Chairperson - Ms. Margaret Alva

Speakers -

Ms. Kamala Das, Indian Women in Feminist Literature

Ms. Kiran Mazumdar, Women as Emerging Managers

Ms. Chitra Subramanian, Changing Role of Women in Print Media

Interaction - Short Film - Vote of Thanks

Session - II Education, July 25th 1997 - 10 a.m to 1 p.m.

Welcome Address by Dr. Sr. M. Genevieve, Principal, MCC

Chairperson - Dr. Sr. M. Loretta

Speakers -

Dr. N.R. Madhava Menon, Education for Excellence: Role of Students, Teachers and Management

Dr. N.R. Shetty, Role of Universities in Education

Dr. Sr. M. Bertille, Integral Education

Mr. T.N. Seshan, Role of Women's Education in Politics and Election

Interaction - Short Film - Vote of Thanks

Session - III Environment, July 25th 1997 - 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Welcome Address by Dr. Sr. M. Genevieve, Principal, MCC

Chairperson - Rev. Fr. Cecil J. Saldanha, s.j.

Speakers -

Dr. Shoba Raghuram, The Environment, Women & Development

Dr. Madhav Gadgil, Integrating Environmental Studies into Educational Institutions

Dr. Gadagkar, Learning from gifted insects

Interaction - Short Film - Vote of Thanks

Mount Carmel College has been actively involved in imparting quality education to women for the last fifty years. They ask themselves as they cross this significant milestone, - we need to take stock and ask ourselves -

- Where do we women stand in today's world?

- Where are we heading?

This, naturally, leads us to examine the state of women's education. There are pressures to create more and more opportunities but also the need to maintain standards. There are directives from the Government on the one side and imperatives from the commercial world on the other. Given these, we must evolve a realistic course of action.

- Then the final question

- Where does the whole process lead?

Progress and development, in the conventional sense, are no longer acceptable. They have taken place within the larger context of environment. Our long term future depends on understanding the planet we live on and replenishing its resources.

These, then. are the three themes of our Golden Jubilee Symposium - Eve, Education and Environment.

The Mount Carmel Choir that sang at the 5th Glorious Festival of Harmony, conducted at Bangalore from 29th August 1997 to 31st August 1997:

Sushmitha Thomas, Sonia Sareen, Reshma D'Silva, Annabelle DeNazareth, Elizabeth Pereira, Ronda Cardoza, Arti Desikan, Preeti Mascarenhas, Marissa Shrieves, Suzanne Carneiro, Niranjana Shankar, Regina, Preeta Ramohan, Meenakshi Kumar, Priya Joseph, Asha Babu, Natasha Pinto (Piano), Karen D'Souza (Piano), Twisha D'silva, Aarti Angelo, Anushka Goveas, Kiran Mascarenhas, Brinda, Heeru Chandnani, Reanne D, Janice Braganza, Suman Machado. ( For other Choirs participating check out Glorious Festival This choir was the most expressive and creative one for the evening but the only competition they had was from "The Chariots"!!)


At a recently held program on December 20, Mumbai (Bombay), Aarthi Pardhanani of Mount Carmel College, Bangalore was crowned "Tips and Toes Miss Teen India-97" at an Inter-collegiate Beauty Pagent. Geraldine Venetia (City College, Calcutta), and Kavya Chengappa (Baldwin's Women's College, Bangalore) were the 1st and 2nd Runners Up!!

The Principal, Staff, and Students of Mount Carmel College, Wish All Indians on the Occasion of the 50th Year of India's Independence , Peace, Joy, Friendship, Love, and God's Blessings, and Welcome the World to Join in this Celebration at Bangalore in India, on 15th August, 1997.

Keep an eye on this page, it will shortly connect you up to the "Official " Page of Mounts!!

Farewell Speech to the Archbishop of Bangalore , Most Rev Dr. Alphonsus Mathias, by Sr. M. Genevieve , PhD, Principal, Mount Carmel Convent, Bangalore



I was surfing on the internet when I came across the site

I read your e-mail to Ronnie that you have been trying to gather info aboutMCC's in the U.S. I am not sure
when this e-mail was posted.

If you are still working on this effort, it would be great to exhange info. I have copied Ronnie also in
this note to continue this conversation.

My name is Sunita Menon and I was a student of MCC from 1984-1987 for my B.A (history, economics,
political science). I had a career of 12 years in Bangalore in various multi-national IT companies
before I came to U.S on an international assignment in 2000. In 2002 I moved to U.S permanently.

Like you, I would love to meet other MCCs here.

Roops, Ronnie, please direct me to the right forum or contact for ex-carmelites. Thanks.

Message received: Please say hello to an ex-Carmelite!

Hi ronnie, sorry for the delay in reply. I have a small baby, Shweta, 15 months old. She needs my attention all day. Ronnie, I have been trying to gather info about MCC's in the US but in vain. However, will try again and let you know if I come across any ex carmelites. Also, if you know of any and have their email addresses, could you please send them to me. I'd love to get in touch with some of my friends/carmelites here. Thanks a lot. Keep in touch. Feels great.

Roopa Malavally

"We congratulate the following students who have done us proud by their performance in the University & Pre-University Examination, 1996-1997

The following students will also be receiving prizes and medals at the 33rd Annual Convocation of the Bangalore University.

Management, Principal, Staff & Students

Date: March 3, 1998

This Home Page of MCC is personal, non-official, courtesy maintained by Ronnie Johnson, 5/3 King's Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560 025, e-mail: Ronnie , Phone: 2240145. MCC is under process to getting their own e-mail address , will add when it is up and running.

From: "Mirza Yawar Baig" <> To: <>
Subject: Looking for an old Carmelite friend
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 22:55:13 +0530

Hi Ronnie,

I was browsing the Mount Carmel home page to try to find an old friend, Zeenat Pinto who used to work for me form 1995-97 in Bangalore. I myself taught one semester in the HRM class in the Business Management College and one of the girls in that batch was Crystal.

If you have any idea where these two people are I will be most grateful if you can let me know.
LOOKING FOR: Zeenat Pinto and Crystal
Many thanks

Yawar Baig
Mirza Yawar Baig
President, Yawar Baig & Associates

Telephone: + 91 40 23376563
Fax & Voicemail: + 91 40 23372526
Mobile: + 91 98490 38258

Greetings from Toronto
Date : Fri, 25 Apr 2003 17:19:13 -0400
Hi Ronnie,
I was poking around this afternoon and came across your web page. I graduated from MCC in 1986 and moved to Canada in 1988. I am trying to located some gals who I hung with at college. They were from Kuwait and lived at the college hostel. I see from your web page that there is an address I can write to re: former students. Do you know if there is any way that I can investigate this online? I lost touch with them during the Iraq invasion of Kuwait and have not been able to find them since. Drop me a line whenever you have a chance. I would really appreciate your input.
Best wishes,
Sav Murthy
Can somebody please answer this mail for me, thanks Ronnie

From :  Sid Sayed <> Sent :  Friday, January 23, 2004 5:36 AM
To : . Subject: RE: Invitation to join the mountcarmelcollegeclub group

hi there,
Well, my name is Asma Sayed and  I'm an ex Carmelite. I graduated in 2002 (BSc microbiology- CBM). I had started the group while in college but could get only 3 c;assmates of mine to register in 1999. And subsequently the gruop was deleted due to inactivity. And since I knew quite lot of my seniors in college (from the dept. of Microbilogy), I thought I'd restart this group and ask people to join. I found it works better because I can still message my own classmates, when keeping in touch regularly becomes tough.
No serious objective,...only for ex students and some currently in MCC to meet. The 4 people who have joined  in , 2 are my seniors and the other 2 my classmates.
Thanks for your email, and for the permission to useyour link. iF you'd like any other details about me, please don't hesistate to ask. And sorry aboutthe spelling mistakes. I'm typing fast and I ot spell checking!
"Asma ( has invited you to join the mountcarmelcollegeclub group hosted by Yahoo! Groups, a free, easy-to-use community service. By joining mountcarmelcollegeclub, you will be able to exchange messages with other group members, store photos and files, coordinate events and more. To Join : mountcarmelcollegeclub-owner"

From: G R, Srinivasan Mailed-By:
To: Date: Oct 20, 2005 8:15 PM
Subject: Stella Maris High School
Stella Maris High School is celebrating their Alumni meet on October 29th and October 30th and also the Silver jubilee of the batch of 1980' Quite a few of our Alumni joined MCC for their graduation
It would be of great help in spreading this message to all the Alumni of MCC so the students from the school in Bangalore can attend in large numbers Best Regards
Srinivasan GR
Vice President , SMESA
Mobile ; +91 98454 83583

Old Students of Sophia's it's Back To School!! Check out the photos YOU may be there, tell others, if you have old photos, send them in we could add them to the page!!

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