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Tamil Electronic Library offers information on the following topics:

  • Ref. Sheets on Tamil people, Language, Literature, Culture, . . .
  • A Brief Introduction to Tamils' History, Culture and Literature (Prof. Velupillai)
    Tamil Language -History and Features (Prof. M. Varadarajan)
    Tamilnadu's Contribution to Carnatic Music (B.M.Sundaram)
    Kural verses in early Tamil script forms
    thirukural: internet resources & translations in languagues of the world
    Thamizh thaai vaazhthu - Official Prayer Hymn of Tamilnadu
    Symbolic forms of Tamil numerals and fractions
    Kolam - simple ones for beginnersNEW !
    A collection of Tamil names for new born babies (Bala Swaminathan)
    A collection of small Tamil verses for Children
    A List of 64 kinds of arts (aayakalaikal 64)
    archana in Tamil (thamizhil archanaigaL)
    A chronological listing of Rulers of Tamilnadu
    Great Anthologies of Tamil Literature
    Chrono. Listing of Tamil Literature - Part I (....BC - 17th C. AD)
    Chrono. Listing of Tamil Literature - Part II 18th C - 20th C. AD)
    authors of akanaanooru and puranaanooru (compiled by M. Karunanidhi)
    List of Tamil Saints: Alwars and Nayanmars
    A short collection of popular tamil proverbs (in tamil & translit. scripts)
    A short collection of popular tamil folk/country songs (in mylai font format)
    A collection of Tamil Marriage songs
    A glossary of computer-related words in Tamil
    List of Hindu/Tamil Festivals -2001
    A List of Hindu Temples in the USA and Canada
    A List of Hindu Temples in Australia, Singapore & Africa
    A List of Hindu Temples in Europe
    Temples of Tamilnadu - part I
    Temples of Tamilnadu - part II
    Resources for Learning Tamil (books, cassettes, websites)
    List of Tamil Magazines
    A List of Tamil Films of Thirties and Forties
    Chronology of Events related to Tamils in Sri Lanka (1500 -1948)

  • Tamil Fonts, Softwares, Interconversion of files, Tamil webpages,...
  • Official Font encoding, Keyboard Standards of Tamilnadu Govt.
    Free Tamil (TAB) fonts based on the new standards of Tamilnadu Govt.NEW !
    Draft Font encoding & Keyboard Standards announced at Tamilnet 99 Conf.
    Tamil Script Code for Information Interchange TSCII - Details
    FREE Tools (fonts, keyboard editors,...) based on TSCII Encoding
    Mylai Tamil font (free) and Mylai Web Forum
    Mylai tamil font for use on UNIX machines!!
    Tamil Fonts and Interconversion of files
    Softwares for transliterated form of Tamil, Word Processors
    Setting up Web pages in Tamil based on Mylai and other fonts
    An overview of software tools for word-processing in Tamil
    Introduction to 8-bit bilingual font encoding standards
    Guidelines & Sample tamil webpages based on TSCII

  • Electronic Texts of Ancient Tamil Literary Classics
  • Introduction to Electronic Texts
    Electronic Text Archives in Tamil(romanised and tamil font based)
    Electronic Texts in Tamil Available in Mylai font format
    Tamil Literature Online
    Electronic Texts in Other Indian Languages
    Distribution of Tamil Electronic Texts in Portable Document Format (PDF)
    PROJECT MADURAI for Electronic Texts of Tamil Literary Works

  • Classified Bibliography of Books on Tamil Langauge, Literature, Culture, . . .
  • A List of Tamil Novels published prior to 1950
    Tamil Novels of 20th Century and Their Authors (In english)
    A short list of Tamil scholars from Overseas and their works
    Ref. Books for Tamil Literature (Lexicon), Language (dictionary)
    Tamil books on Literature of Sangam Period
    Books on Tamil Epics (cilappatikaram, manimekalai,.....)
    English commentaries of tamil literary works/Religion
    Books on Tamil History and Culture
    Books on Tamil Drama
    Books on Sri Lankan Tamils and Srilankan Conflit
    50 years of Srilankan Tamil Literature (Prof. K. Sivathamby)
    Books on Tamilnadu Politics, ethnicity, culture,...
    Books on Dravidian (Tamil) Linguistics
    Tamil Book Classics available in Microforms
    English translations of tamil novels & short stories
    Tamil translations of Indian language works
    Tamil translations of English language works
    Books on Carnatic & Hindustani Music - a bibliography
    Books on South Indian Temples - a bibliography
  • Recently published Tamil Books
  • Recently published Tamil books (2000-1998)
    Recently published Tamil books (1997-1995)
    Tamil/Indian Booksellers on the Internet
    Books (from Tamilnadu) on Tamil Poetry published since 1970
    Tamil Books You can buy Online from Amazon bookstore-page 1
    Tamil Books You can buy Online from Amazon bookstore-page 2
    Tamil Books You can buy Online from Amazon bookstore-page 3
    Tamil Publications of Pari Nilayam, Chennai
    Tamil Publications of Amudha Nilayam, Chennai
    Tamil Publications of Kannadhasan Pathippagam, Chennai
    Tamil Publications of Saiva Siddhantha Book Trust, Chennai
    Tamil Publications of maNivAcakar pathipakam, Chennai
    Tamil Publications of Kavitha Publications, Chennai
    Tamil Publications of Thamizhp Puththakaalayam, Chennai
    Books on Carnatic Music and Dance (CBH, Publications, Nagercoil)

  • Tamil Research and Research Centers In India
  • Pondicherry Inst. of Linguistics and Culture, Pondy, India
    Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai, India
    Tamil Publications of Inst. of Asian Studies, Chennai, India
    International Inst. of Tamil Studies, Chennai, India
    Tamil Publications of International Inst. for Tamil Studies,Chennai, India
    Mozhi Trust, Madras, India
    Tamil University,Tanjavur, Tamilnadu, India
    Thanjavur Sarawathi Mahal Library
    Tamil Publn. of Annamalai Univ, Tamilnadu
    A collection of articles on Tamil Literature from research journals
    A collection of articles on Tamil Language, Linguistics from research journals
    Doctoral thesis dissertations on tamil novels
    Tamil Music College & Tamil Isai Sangam

  • 20th Century Tamil Authors and Their Literary Works
  • 20th C authors whose works are in public domain ( in TSCII format)
    List of 20th C tamil novels by authors-part I ( in tamil script/TSCII)
    List of 20th C tamil novels by authors-part 2 ( in tamil script/TSCII)
    List of 20th C tamil novels by authors-part 3 ( in tamil script/TSCII)
    notable contributions of 20th century tamils-part 1
    notable contributions of 20th century tamils-part 2
    Literary works of Meenakshisundaram Pillai
    Life History, Literary Works of C.N. Annadurai
    Life History, Literary Works of T.P. Meenakshisundaram
    Literary Works of M. Karunanidhi
    Life History & Literary Works of Bharathidasan
    Life History & Literary Works of Kavinjar Kannadhasan
    Life History & Literary Works of C.Subramania Bharathiyar
    Literary Works of Ma.Po. Sivagnanam
    A short collection of Songs of Bharathidasan (in mylai font format)
    A short collection of Songs of C. Subramania Bharathi (in mylai font format)
    A short collection of Film Songs of Kannadhasan (in TSCII format)
    A short collection of Songs of Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram (in TSCII format)

  • A pot-pourri of Websites (>1000) of interest to Tamils
  • I: Tamil Portals, TN Govt sites, sites on Cities of Tamilnadu
    II: Carnatic Music and Classical Dance (bharathanatyam)
    III: Hindu Temples, Religion, Philosophy
    IV: Newspapers, ezines, magazines, tamil learning,...
    V: Tamil Cinema, Actors, Actresses, ...
    VI: Educ. Institutions, Sangams, Srilankan, Tamil muslim sites
    VII: South Indian Businesses on the Net, Miscellaneous

  • Directories / Info. Corner on Tamilnadu, India
  • A list of Educational Institutions of Tamilnadu
    Indian Elections 99 and New Govt Details
    Administrative Districts of Tamilnadu
    List of Ministers of Tamilnadu Govt and MPs from Tamilnadu
    Resources and General Info. on Tamilnadu state
    List of tamil bookshops in Chennai/Madras and other cities of Tamilnadu
    List of hotels in main cities of Tamilnadu
    A directory of tamilbook publishers in tamilnadu, India
    Train Timings in and out of Chennai, Tamilnadu
    Domestic Flight Timings in and out of Chennai
    yellow pages of chennai- I (jewellery, handicrafts, textiles, ...)
    Postal (PIN) Codes for different parts of Chennai City

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