The Mimir's Gallery

Being a Gallery of Sights and Visions of the People,
Places and Peculiarities of the Planes
Thanks to Phill Howard (aka Xib) for the original gallery idea

Please Note:
All artwork on these pages is copyright 1997, 1998 by the respective artists
Please respect their ownership of their work, and ask permission before you use it anywhere else. You can find their email addresses on individual pages.


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Chris' ChipperChris Appelhans

Jeremiah GoldenJeremiah's Monodrone

New! Zak's ZoveriZak Arntson

Gregg GalanteGregg's Fiend

ModrianModrian's Gallery

New! Derrick SchommerOutlands

New! Jason Ng

New! Bill Martin

New! Jessica Barrington

New! Paul Zane

New! Phill Howard

New! Zoe Falcon

New! Submissions

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If you'd like to submit your own work to the gallery ('course, it's got to be Planescape-related), you can send me file attachments via email (JPG, GIF, BMP, PICT, TIFF; anything you like really, preferrably zipped but that ain't compulsory :-), to:

If you don't have access to a scanner, you could snail mail it to me and I'll scan it for you.
Email me, let me know all about it, and I'll send you my postal address...
I'll even post it back to you if you ask nicely :-)
and 'course, you'll be able to grab the scanned image from the gallery...

Looking forward to seeing it!


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