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Anjengo, an old Portugese Settlement between Quilon (Kollam) and Trivandrum in Kerala, India

Very close to Tangasseri down the coast you come to a small fishing village called Eriavirayam, and another called Anjengo. It is at this point that the control of the coast was done. A Portugese Settlement, judging from the number of Churches, and there is also a 100 year old Convent and School. The most striking part of the landscape is an old Lighthouse and a stone's throw away one can find an old Fort. The Fort is blackish in colour, which could be either the granite or material the walls are made out of, or weather doing the artist work. The Fort is apparently part of the National Heritage Monuments, but apart from the sign board, there is nobody around to guide one. This Fort was built perhaps around 1600's, and presumely Portugese, later taken over by the British. There is supposed to be a cemetery within that dates back to around 1704, but since the gates were shut, I wasn't able to confirm.

The Portugese influence is very strong in the artchitecture of the Churches. The area was predominantly an old Portugese ChurchChristian. There is a beautiful and clean beach, and one can find fishing boats lazily parked on the hot sands, The beautiful beachwith nets drying in the sun. The fishermen after their catch is distributed, sit down to a game of cards in the shade of a few trees in the village.

Some of the Churches and Chapels found along the Coast of the village of Anjengo.

I think this is St. Peter's Churcha Chapel along the roadside

The chimney-shaped Lighthouse and a few views of the Fort. It was around 1 p.m. and quite hot, hence I took some very hurried shots as there is no shade along the road which goes around the Fort.The closed gates of the Fortthe location of the lighthouse and fort gate

Look out for the Anglo-Indian Reunion of Kerala called "Tangy2000". As soon as info comes in I will post the same. You may also send a mail to Joseph Fernandez for information. Joseph is the author of the book on Tangasseri called "Glimpses of Tangasseri - A 500 Year Legacy"

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