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Cochin ( Kochi ) an important old Port in Kerala, India

I will be adding a brief on Cochin, but until then you can go through the photographs of various places, from the old buildings, the Bishop's Palace, the Dutch Houses, and a boat ride around the shore through the harbour. Then You can visit Chavara South or Tangasseri ( Tangy ).

Cochin or Kochi as it is now called, is a very interesting part of Kerala. Infact, it is perhaps one of the olderst trading sections. A trading port is said to exist since the Roman times, and it was on the main trade route between Europe and China. The Town of Cochin is basically in three parts. Fort Cochin, which is on the seaward side, and perhaps was why the Fort was built to safeguard the city. Willingdon Island, which was a man-made creation of the 1920's by dredging the bay to increase the depth of the entrance to the harbour. The Navy has an established base overe here, and also is where the Cochin Railway Terminus and Airport are located. Across the causeway from Wellingdon Island is Ernakulam. When you are approaching by road from Quilon, you will be able to see the roads branch off to Ernakulam and Fort Cochin. Immediately opposite the jetty at Ernakulam is Bolghatty Island and further away is Vypeen Island. Bolghatty Palace built in 1744 by the Dutch, has now been turned into a hotel, and you will be able to see the walls of the same when you take a boat ride. A picture of this so called 'island' is seen below as part of the Cochin boat ride and Island.

It was from 1795 until India's Independence, the outer part of the island and beach was under the British Colonial rule or political control, while the inner part was under the Kochi State and Raja of Travancore.Because of this division of political ruling, the harbour was not developed till around 1920 - 1923, when the approach channel was dredged to allow any ship that could pass through the Suez Canal to dock safely, thus opening the harbour to then so called 'modern shipping lines'.

Most of the historical buildings are in Fort Cochin, and the Portuguese fort founded in 1503 is now a ruin.( I did not get to see it). One place that really was interestng was the Mattancheri Palace. They do not allow photography there, hence I do not have any photographs, but I am trying to get some 'official' ones. History goes back that the Portuguese built the palace around 1557 as a gift for the raja of Kochi in exchange for trading rights. In 1663, it was substatially re-built by the Dutch who had taken over from the Portuguese. The Palace is on 2 floors and built in a quadrangle. It now houses the Museum which has exhibits of the Rajas of Kochi, such as gowns, palanquins, weapons (mostly spears and swords) and furniture. The interior is panelled with wood as well as the flooring, but there are some walls that are covered with detailed mural paintings from the Ramayana. Other paintings in the rooms adjoining are large murals which are of the Rajas, and are very realistic and look like photographs. The ladies chambers are below, but that was closed off to visitors. Adjacent to the Palace is a Temple that has as a backdrop Background shows Jew Synagoguethe Jewish Synagogue. The Temple is not open to non-Hindusanother view outside of the templeview of the temple outside the palace. The entrance to the compound of the Mattancheri Palace is through two archesone of the entrance arches.There is a lot of similarity between these arches and those found at the entrance to Tangassery, which shows the Portuguese influence. Even the side of the palace seems to have a little bit of the flat features found in the building of Churches.side of the palace building

There are two pages on the Churches of Cochin, one covers St. Francis Church St. Francis Xavierand the other covers Santa Cruz and old Churches.St. Peter

The Dutch Cemetery, is another tourist attraction, and brings history out into the open. The graves however, are not kept well and is maintained by the CSI, and comes under the Francis Xavier Church.

A boat ride around Cochin Harbour and the Island

A boat ride

A visit to the Boat Club, spending a pleasant evening with a song along the water front.

The Bishop's Palace , Cochin ( Kochi ).

The Bishop's Palace

Old Dutch style houses, the roof is covered with wood on the inside but very low. Also Some old buildings, a view of the nets on the shore, where one can rest and watch the fishing.

inside an old Dutch house, looking out of the window the staircase leads straight up to the living room

an old house on the beachhouse next to the St. Francis Churchhouse near Santa Cruz chruchhouse near SFChurch

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